Wednesday, February 24, 2010

It's coming

 Where did you get those lovely eyes? (this pretty lady),
And that exciting winsome smile (this Binibini),
Where did you learn to move like graceful palm trees in the breeze?
What magic does she have?
What miracle is this?

Who wouldn’t love the way her skin is kissed by golden sunlight?
Fascinating gem so rare!
She’s the perfect symbol of the people,
Rich in heritage and love
What lovely, pretty, captivating, so exciting,
These girls will surely win your heart,
Binibining Pilipinas!

Will the Philippines find its new Gloria Diaz and Margarita Moran, or its new Janina San Miguel? LOL. Pre-pageant to be broadcast on GMA-7 this Saturday, February 27.  Finals night on March 6.

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