Wednesday, February 17, 2010


At the risk of sounding like I down ampalaya juice for breakfast every day (LOL), here's my unsolicited advice:

Perhaps my Catholic friends would consider not announcing their sacrifices for lent. It makes them sound like complaints, and their intention, less noble.

And I hope these sacrifices don't make you grumpy. But if they do, I'll try to understand :-)

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daredevilry said...

abs bitter herbs. :)

pero tama, i think it would be better for everyone not to parade each other's beliefs. if they are sacrificing for lent, they should do so in silence.

heyjay said...

saktong-sakto sa Gospel ngayon ha.

Jason said...

Eon -- and it's funny how when atheists do the parading, the religious raise major hoots:

Jay -- it's nice to know Father and I have something to agree on, lol

Deepa said...

Perhaps others will also consider that announcing your intentions to people creates a community that can hold you to account and keep you going. Works for other commitments too, not just Lent.


Jason said...

Valid point :-D

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