Tuesday, February 02, 2010

God may actually prefer atheists

You know what? I wholeheartedly agree.

I'm a changed person after having read this book:

I've read about this book in my online researches and thought it impossible to be available locally; however, as if God led me to it, I accidentally found it in Fully Booked, a lone, "well-read" copy, hence its discounted price.

After having finished it, it made me realize so many things. Chiefly, we are raging mad at the Ampatuans, but the Catholic Church, as just one example of other religious institutions, has killed a thousand times more. Why give them the moral authority? To preach about heaven and hell for that matter?

And why is it the Church's duty to always make us feel guilty? Why do I have this so-called "original sin"? Because of Adam and Eve, who historically speaking, never existed? I was born a baby, guilty of no sin against ANYONE (well, maybe except my mother, who had to endure a full day of labor) -- I resent the Church for laying on me the sins of a mythical couple. And let's not get started about their sin: that they ate a fruit, which they weren't exactly 100-percent guilty for anyway. After all, Eve was tempted by a... uh, talking snake.

It is because of these sins that we've embraced perpetual guilt; the need to appease and please, in ways that add to the Church's coffers and ego. (Case study: Mike Velarde; plus: religious leaders who feel important enough to "anoint" political aspirants.)

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Further digression: the Pope, who attacked the UK's equality and anti-discrimination laws, is visiting the country and the British government is spending £20 million for it? Wow, I'd be royally pissed if I were the taxpayer.
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It is also because of this guilty card that we genuflect and bow our heads before our priests -- as a sign of subservience to the organization. If that's not what it is, then praying while sitting, standing or lying in bed should be deemed disrespectful.

As for me, I will live life the way I please it: with the help of my conscience because I am smart enough to know what's wrong from right, as I trust human beings are, even without having been corrupted by this grand, Romanian conspiracy. (I don't know enough of other religions to comment, but the Christopher Hitchens book make excellent cases against them as well.)

And if I die, and there does happen to be a God, then great! He, in his infinite wisdom, cannot fault me for defecting from a group that has been historically, and is still presently, and I'm restraining myself here... nuts.

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Anonymous said...

amen. i will look for this book and read it myself.

amor said...


Jenn said...

Haha. True! That's what atheists don't realize though. That by helping themselves, they become role models of what theists should really do -- to help yourself and not depend on any other "higher" creature living somewhere.

By the way, did you make that comic?

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