Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The DoH Chief is fierce!


A bishop had called Cabral "immoral," and warned that one of her feet is already in hell for going against the teachings of the church.

"Of course, I am afraid of the Church. They are very powerful and they can sometimes be very vicious. I'm not exactly one who likes to live dangerously," Cabral told ANC's Dateline Philippines on Wednesday when asked if she's affected by the bishops' threats against her for advocating the use of condoms, which is seen by the church as an abortion tool.

Cabral, however, said that she'd rather live dangerously than do nothing against the very alarming rise in the number of HIV/AIDS cases in the Philippines.

More snaps for Ms. Cabral! Original entry below.

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I would have sent the good Secretary a letter of commendation in her e-mail but the Department of Health website still lists its previous chief under its contact details.

I suppose this is better as I can do away with formalities.

To Health Secretary Esperanza Cabral, I have two words for you: Bongga ka!

Ang taray ng sound bites mo, ha. I particularly love the following, as quoted by Jerry Esplanada in the PDI article, DoH chief snubs Church on condoms issue:

“[But] we are not a religious state [like] Iran. We are a secular state where there is separation of Church and State.”

"Not everybody in the Philippines belongs to one church."

LOL! So saucy, particularly citing the religious state that is Iran. I approve! *clap, clap, clap*

This all started when the Catholic Church thought it best to bully the DoH Chief by asking her to resign, after the government agency distributed free condoms on Valentine's Day.

The bishops claimed that the way to stop the spread of HIV-AIDS was to follow the teachings of the Church and to respect the sanctity of the human body.

“It’s so immoral for someone in the government to be pushing the use of condoms, which we all know is not a deterrent to AIDS,” [Lipa Bishop Ramon] Arguelles said.

Ayan, nag-matalino si bishop. Perhaps, he ought to do actual research before verbalizing such inanities: Africa has the highest incidence of HIV cases in the entire world. The continent is also overrun by Christian missionaries. (Because that's where they're trying to dupe more people into joining their flock since Europeans and to a smaller extent, Americans, are moving/have moved toward a secular state.)

While I don't wholly blame the Church for spreading AIDS in Africa (since there are governments and people's free will, after all), there is definitely a strong correlation between the two. Read Max Blumenthal's report for The Daily Beast, Rick Warren's Africa Problem, to see this connection. And yes, the author of The Purpose Driven Life is all for conducting anti-gay "witch hunts" in Uganda.)

So thank you, Ms. Cabral. The last thing I want is to further embolden the Catholic Church in its perceived self-entitlement. (And what a baby!) If continued, it may soon call for death penalty for gays, as the Christian missionaries made the Uganda government do in its country (the bill is presently pending in parliament).


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Anonymous said...

hay naku, catholic church tlga!

buti na lang marunong lumaban si ate at matalas ang kanyang dila.

Cabral is not immoral. The Catholic Church is by continuing to perpetuate lies and instilling fear in their flock.

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