Tuesday, January 26, 2010


What do we have here? It hasn't been a week since I blogged about Villar's dubious records and there are already new reports on his attempts at bribing.

From Inquirer: Villar tried to buy me off—Enrile

From GMA: Amid C-5 controversy, Enrile claims getting 'offers' from Villar

On the other hand, ABS CBN toned down its language:
Villar tried to stave off censure: Enrile

From the ABS CBN report, Villar's party spokesperson Gilbert Remulla reiterates the presidential candidate's excuse as to why he hasn't answered these allegations in the senate:

"During the interview, Remulla said Villar is still not inclined to attend the Senate committee's adjudicatory hearings since members of the investigating panel had already made up their minds about Villar's guilt...

He said Villar was not confrontational and is unwilling to fire back at his opponents.

"If he appears before a group that has already judged him including the Senate President, how could he explain his side when the group will no longer listen to his explanation? In all their statements, they have already made their decision. He will go there and endure mudslinging, magkakasakitan lang sila, what for?" he said.

He added: "[Villar] has never fought anyone. He is not confrontational...If he appears there, they will fling mud at him and it is not his nature to fling mud back."

Wow, Gilbert surely stressed how his boss is... let's repeat it... nonconfrontational. Which is the problem.

Because you see Gilbert, Arroyo was nonconfrontational too. She was nonconfrontational about the ZTE scandal. She didn't confront us about the fertilizer scam scandal. She never confronted private armies. She wouldn't have confronted the Hello Garci scandal if not for the mounting pressure from the public and her own Cabinet, and all we got from that was a lousy sorry.

So yes, for someone who's reputation is at stake, I would imagine him to be confrontational about this whole matter; in fact, I would expect him to be enraged, facing his accusers and answering them point by point.

What can we expect from a President Villar? One who hides in Malacanang or goes out of the country when besieged with criticisms?


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heyjay said...

I was able to listen to Gilbert Remulla's interview on Ted Failon's radio show this morning, and I was rolling my eyes the whole time. Pati si Ted, halatang inis na inis na rin kay Villar at ang pagiging nonconfrontational nya.

Villar doesn't have the balls to be president. hiramin nya kaya yung kay jamby?

Jason said...

Haha, feeling ko Miriam can afford to loan hers. A pair is too much for her :-P

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