Tuesday, December 29, 2009

This pen makes me happy

Yesterday, I tweeted that I terribly missed using Pilot ballpens. (My present staple are the Pilot Hi-Tecpoint V5.) I went to Office Warehouse to buy a couple but the BP-SF turned out not to be as nice as I remembered them to be back in high school.

I scanned other Pilot types and I found one to my liking: the G-Tec-C4. I immediately bought three not knowing that it costs P70 a piece :-D Apparently, it is refillable (hence the initial cash out? :-P) and I will later find out if they are available in our local bookstores once the ink runs out.

I love how "thin" my handwriting looks; the ink is judiciously spread as one writes so that there are no unnecessarily chunky fonts. (Eep, cursive anorexia!) I also learned that those who write down notes on their Bible, with its onion-skin sheets, find this the perfect pen as the ink doesn't seep through the other side of the page.

I can't believe I only discovered this now when others have blogged about the G-Tec being their favorite pen for the last decade. I also discovered a blog that draws amazing cartoons with it. (Yes, as a geek, I do google searches on my pen :-P)

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Anonymous said...

It's interesting to find other fellow Pilot pen enthusiasts. I use a Pilot Hi-tecpoint V5 Grip.

I'm also going to try the pilot frixion 0.7 with the erasable ink and the pilot vball 0.5

Jason said...

Eon, Merry Christmas! :-D

I heard about that pen with the erasable ink -- forgot to check it out yesterday though I think National Bookstore may have a better stock than Office Warehouse.

Jason Curtis said...

Jason...it's Jason!

Thanks so much for linking to my blog, I really do appreciate it.

I'm glad you discovered the the G-Tec-C4, it's my absolute favorite pen to write and doodle with.

Merry Christmas. I'd like to wish you (and your Pilot) a Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

Jason D, thanks for pointing me to Jason C's site, as I doodle too (on my planners). I like the zen of doodling that I don't feel the office hours pass me by. Hehehe.

I also use the V5 and it's a problem when it bleeds through. Will check this C4 soon.

Eon, nice to see you here. I think you're the third person in my shoot during Yvette's booklaunch.

Jason said...

Hi Jason!Thank for dropping by my site and Happy New Year as well.

Your site has inspired me to take up a forgotten pursuit :-D

Happy New Year, Bry! Upload them too!

Deepa said...

I miss Pilot G-Tec pens! They don't have them here in Singapore!

At the risk of sounding like an old fogey, are they Php70 already?? I can remember being in high school and thinking they were sooo expensive at Php35.

Jason said...

I know!!! That's why I got three without looking at the price; nothing is spared by inflation!


I love my G-tech too. I've been using G-tech since high school.

Jason said...

Wow, the G-Tech has a fan base :-D

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