Monday, December 28, 2009

I'm curious (UPDATED)

Update: If you dislike Noynoy, why is Gibo the better alternative? Doesn't Gordon make the most sense?

Update 2: By the way, I'm posting these questions out of curiosity and not as bait. While I'm leaning toward voting for Noynoy (I was originally for Mar Roxas), I haven't decided with finality yet.

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Merry Christmas!

Question: What do you make of Villar and his pro-poor ads? Is he exploiting the poor or is he merely highlighting his unique selling point?

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Wednesday said...

to be honest, i don't see villar as negatively as others do. i think he is a credible choice compared to the others (to noynoy, in fact). his ads may be annoying, but sometimes i think you're right--"he's only highlighting his unique selling point." perhaps the ads aren't directed to us--those who know better, those aware of such marketing strategies--but to the more ignorant masses.

i think hating villar for all his advertising efforts is shallow. as if not choosing him is like proof that "we aren't stupid!" then again, what good will it bring us and the country? sure, we're not stupid. sure, villar is blatantly desperate to get to office that he'd become the race's new poverty pornographer. but will that make him a bad president?

for all we know, he might be the best choice if only we overlook his "means" to get to office.

needless to say, during election day, i am choosing between him and gibo.

Wednesday said...

oh, j, i forgot to say merry christmas. :] i hope you had a great holiday. and also that i love your blog.

Jason said...

That was fast, thanks! I'm trying to get as much response and I'll re-post them here if I get a decent amount of feedback, and share my own thoughts as well.

I did have a good holiday, gained a few pounds which I personally welcome :-) Hope yours was merry too.

heyjay said...

i don't like villar. unyango yan eh. akala mo bait-baitan, hindi naman. my dad told me a story about villar bullying the company my dad used to work for. horrible!

I'm choosing among noynoy, gibo or gordon.

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