Tuesday, November 03, 2009

What am I reading/looking at

Dreams From My Father by Barack Obama. The Sartorialist by Scott Schuman. Bringing Home the Birkin by Michael Tonello.

I've been reading Dreams From My Father for over 6 months now but I'm finding it harder and harder to stay interested. (I'm in the part wherein he recounts his days as a community development organizer.) Just a couple of pages in and I doze off. Don't get me wrong, he writes extremely well for a politician as he keeps his prose simple and direct to the point. I just can't relate to his musings, particularly on racial issues, which is the book's center of discourse. This just might be my new Catch-22, the book by Joseph Heller which I never got to finish and never plan to pick up again.

The Sartorialist is a street-style picture book featuring some of the best personalities and celebrities to have graced Scott's blog site. I simply flip the pages to wherever and observe the subject's style -- his color choices, the proportion of his clothes, his quirks, silhouette, accessories. Mostly, I look at the subjects with admiration as I've yet to be inspired by their style, and conversely, translate them into my wardrobe. In some of the photos, Scott would offer an explanation as to why the person interested him and this makes me wonder how many times have I let inspiration escape me due to my blatant lack of interest in details. (Ergo, why I will never be a successful editor and why I've no huge dream of becoming one, either.) By the way, this was Pam and Jill's birthday gift :-)

Mon and I discovered a new favorite hangout with the most delicious coffee and highly glamorous toilet (LOL!) and while lounging around, I saw a copy of Bringing Home the Birkin, which I remember Pam telling me about. This is Michael Tonello's account of how he became a successful eBay reseller by auctioning rare and hard-to-get Hermes items. He offers tips on how to get that sales assistant sell you a Birkin, a bag that has a waiting list of two years. In other words, an advice which I don't see any need for unless I win the lottery. The author can be overindulgent with his prose, and I suspect, this is to stretch his material to come up with XX number of pages, but one cannot be so critical of "chick lit." I'm halfway-through the book and I must say, it's a refreshing change from Obama. :-P

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MJT said...

J. thanks for reading!
be well,
michael tonello~

Jason said...

Ohmygad, and thanks for dropping by! Haven't finished your book yet (and I don't want to ruin the suspense by skipping to the last pages) so I'm not sure if you're still on eBay; but in any case, Hermes is due to open in Manila :-)

Elvin said...

ohmygad! haha.

Jason said...

just finished the book. read the last few pages with a heavy heart. but glad to know all is well with juan ü

elvin - haha, that's my fantard reaction :p

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