Friday, November 13, 2009

Mirror, mirror on the wall, Part 1

Image is important to me -- not that it's an all-encompassing means to judge a person, but still, it is enough to establish or destroy a reputation.

In any case, this is not about me. This is about the presidential and vice-presidential candidates.

We pretty much know who are in the running for the top two posts in the 2010 elections, especially with the announcement of Edu as Gibo's running mate, and despite Villar's silence -- as Loren is his safest bet. Given this scenario, we have:

Gibo and Edu

Erap and Jejomar

Villar and Loren
(Let me just point out that only Villar cannot be referred to on a first name basis out of context; ah the travesty of having the same name as a Filipino boxing legend!)

Noynoy and Mar

Here's how I perceive them to be if I were to relate them to, as Sesame Street puts it, "the people in your neighborhood."

The Pogi Boys

Gwapo, maporma, mukhang mayabang and as @heyjay pointed out, mga La-Sallista (whether that's good or bad, well that is up for debate, lol); The conyo boys raised by an evil stepmother (read: GMA)

I sincerely like Gibo but my problem with him is -- aside from the obvious and that is his Arroyo connection -- he seemed to have sprung out of nowhere. He wasn't heard of as a Congressman and not as Defense Secretary, at least until he announced his presidential ambitions. Given his outstanding and attention-grabbing educational record -- a law degree from UP, top spot at the 1989 bar, and a master of laws from Harvard -- how could he have been under the radar all this time? How could he have not excelled in public service? Given this missing piece -- a popularity and charismatic appeal earned through years under the public spotlight -- he should have tried being a senator first.

As for Edu, let's imagine he wins. And then let's imagine the President dies. I cannot imagine the dude who sang and danced to the Papaya Song, as my President. Also, granted that eradicating piracy is hard, do we vote for someone who cannot solve a hard problem? Do we also vote for someone who cannot even win Makati? A losing streak is a considerable image problem.

Ultimate Pogi:
Bill Clinton. If only these guys were half as good.

Lolong manyak na tambay sa kanto with sidekick

Si lolo na manginginom, sugalero at sabungero. Yung sidekick na pang-comedy na laging nababatukan, ala Babalu or Panchito.

I won't expound on Erap -- I highly doubt his candidacy will be be considered legal. Jejomar is a minor player aspiring to join the big leagues. Being mayor of Makati, as rich as the city may be, just won't cut it.

Besides, Binay is not Makati; the Ayalas are.

And seriously, these two put together is so depressing: they look dull and gray. Heck, one of them walks as if his scrotum can barely hang on to its balls. That image just doesn't inspire.

Ultimate lolong manyak: Nicolas Sarkozy -- Leaves wife to bag the supermodel -- to positive and improved popularity rating!
Ultimate sidekick: Dick Cheney -- when the sidekick is actually the evil, scheming master

Part two, Villar and Loren; Noynoy and Mar.

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heyjay said...

hahaha! your descriptions and observations of the tandems are spot on!

That's also the beef i have with Gibo(feeling close!); i don't know who the guy is! I had to ask my dad pa to know kung sino sya. If we don't know him, what more the general populace di ba? aminin na natin na popularity contest dito sa pinas.

can't wait for the next part.

Drei said...

Mar all the way for VP, but I think Edu *may* be good for Gibo, to make him more visible.

amor said...

Gibo's academic background is impressive that makes the rest of them moron. lol. Given his GMA connection, I doubt he'll win.

Jason said...

baka in a few days pa, heyjay. thanks! :-)

Drei -- 50/50 ka pa din?

Amor -- Yeah, unfortunately for him. I think he has yet to hit double digits across all surveys.

therealtyroncaliente said...

Academic background (or the lack thereof) isn't a guarantee anymore. GMA is an econ graduate and "Bill Clinton's classmate" right? Look where she got us. Erap's a dropout. FVR is from Westpoint. Cory's...sorry po I don't know and Marcos is from UP.

Let's try sincerity and a good track record for once, shall we?

Drei said...

Sorry but sincerity isn't enough. We need good strategists. I believe Noynoy is sincere, but he has a weak character, and has a big potential to be overshadowed by the Cojuangcos and the shallow sister.

Gibo is not comparable to GMA in terms of academic background. She's from Assumption for crying out loud. And as an economist, she did contribute a lot of good policies that helped us with the crisis and the economy. What she failed terribly is the attack on corruption, including her sons and useless husband. And I still can't get over the Caparas national artist award.

Jason, yep still 50-50 on Gibo and Noynoy. Both have really promising potential. Di nako babalik ng Pilipinas pag mananalo si Villar haha. Or worse, if si Erap!!

Jason said...

tyron - US college yata then dropped out of FEU law to focus on her family.

nakakadala na kasi drei. i voted for arroyo based on her qualifications and she failed me miserably. she turned a blind eye at the scandals that rocked her administration. i specifically cant get over the fertilizer scam scandal, pardoning maureen hultman's murderer and how her assets skyrocketed more than (tama ba? ill take a look at pcij's article again) cory's, ramos's and erap's.

gibo's made a lot of sense in his interviews, yes, but i really would just like a (relatively) clean government and i doubt he/we can have one under arroyo's shadow. I thought Mar was both smart and sincere (albeit cheezy) and would've wanted him as prez.

Iggy said...

FTW post J! Oy Dick Gordon is running na din (just saw his Go ng Go ads this weekend). I like him the best - wonder who's going to run with him - but I gotta admit, mukhang malabo siya with the Noynoy Machine around.

Jason said...

He's running as President? Haven't seen the ads. I've characters in mind for Villar/Loren and Noy/Mar (plus, Chiz haha) -- can't think of one for Gordon pa!

therealtyroncaliente said...

Speaking of ads, sino si Neric Acosta?

Drei, the President is also a manager and strategy is part of it. Charisma, responsibility and other stuff. This is a long discourse. Kita tayo sa Madrid dun tayo magdebate. I've a sleeping order, my boy.

Drei said...

Exactly, my point from the start, that sincerity is not enough.

Jason said...

May ad na din si Neric Acosta? I only heard of him when LP released its senatorial slate. He has a wiki entry but it's hard to sift through his google results to verify the glowing write-up.

heyjay said...

andami ng kandidato. gaano kaya kalaki yung balota ngayong automated na ang halalan?

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