Monday, November 16, 2009


I may not have blogged about it, but I did tweet about it: Comelec rejects gay party list; cites immorality and exposure of youth to unreligious ways.

I've written as much entries as I can to prove my point and rile against the Catholic Church so I'll let these two do the talking on this particular subject:

To both of you, thank you.

And if you're gay/lesbian and have troubling reconciling your identity with God, I hope my previous entries help:

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Drei said...

wow i'll tell ruben you're quoting his work! :)

i won't comment about the comelec, sayang sa energy hehe

Jason said...

Please send my thanks! :-)

I seriously don't understand where their fear is coming from.

auee said...

Read about this on I have exactly the same question. Why are they so afraid??

BTW I followed your 3 links. I missed those or if I had read them before, it's like reading them with for the first time.

J, I'm a renewed Christian & ever since I joined you've always been on my mind. The Bible can be harsh & to modern thinkers it is unwieldy. Take me for instance, I still struggle to submit to my husband - a lot.

Please permit me to write the following, wala akong balak mag-preach sa iyo. I looked these up earlier this year but never found the time to share them with you.

The Bible was indeed reviewed & finalized by men. They apparently used standards based on Christ's teachings to determine which Books get included, so that the Books within support each other. Meaning if only one person or text mentions that God is ok with something, they do not include that dahil walang supporting "evidence". Dogma/doctrine whatever, the Bible is the Word of God, that's what Christians believe. Because that's how God the Father & God the Son, communicated their will to us.

In the second testament, Jesus Christ is the only way to salvation. It's hard to swallow. No matter how nice & philanthropic you are, if you do not believe in JC, there's no entry ticket to Heaven. But Faith is personal. So you're right, as long as you believe in Him, you do NOT need the institution to dictate your Beliefs.

Regarding it's stance on homosexuality. It will not change. But as a Christian, I believe we're not judges of men.

Whoever has not sinned can cast the first stone, di ba?

God Bless you, J & I do love you as a friend, kahit di pa tayo nagkikita. I hope I don't offend you by putting all these up.

Jason said...

Read's entry too. She made me wish I took up law as I loved her arguments.

No need to worry about what you posted; it's perfectly fine with me. (By the way, that was in response to the Time piece, right?)

Thanks Auee, mwah! I love you din :-) Good luck (although I know Christians frown upon this phrase) with the struggle. I absolutely know how it feels like, going back to the time when I renewed my Christian faith.

auee said...

I very very rarely read Pinas news sites. I normally get my fix from Sassy & you

I've got so much to learn & change.

Did you know Gandhi once said he likes Jesus as deity but that the problem was the Christians.

Stay Blessed!

Jason said...

Aaw... lovefest na ito :-D

tagskie said...

hi.. just dropping by here... have a nice day!

teridon said...

The reasoning of the COMELEC on the Ang Ladlad petition infringes upon legitimate sexual relations between persons of the same gender - a right that is ultimately protected by the right to privacy under the Philippine Constitution.

We join Ang Ladlad in their struggle.

Jason said...

i do hope Comelec's decision gets overturned.

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