Tuesday, October 27, 2009

What's going on?

I lost the Looklet Ludic Contest. I'm thankful for having been nominated and getting a decent number of votes. In terms of ranking, parang Philippines lang sa Miss U, haha.

Thank you to those who voted :-)

* * * *

Mon's Looklet for me while I was bedridden for six days last week:

Cuppycake asked the Gift Lady to bring these presents to Bluearden: (1) a Tenderheart Bear toy, (2) some flowers arranged by the Flowers Guy, (3) a BIG KISS, and (4) a "My Heart Belongs to Bluearden Alone" balloon. Get well soon, Pogi. Mwah! :-)

I told him I wanted to see him dress like this in real life, haha.

* * * *

And one of my city series creations, which I dedicate to Auee:


* * * *

Isn't Glee just the most awesome new TV show? It made me drop Gossip Girl off my viewing list; GG characters have become too emo and Lindsay Lohan for my palate.

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Wednesday said...

I agree with you! Glee is awesome! The characters get much more development than GG (broke up with GG for the season, too). Puck and Quinn, for instance. And don't you just love Emma and her "mental problem"?

amor said...

Everybody seems to like Glee. Hmmm, ma-try nga. As for GG, I lost interest mid of Season 2. =P

Jason said...

Wednesday: I love Emma! And ang galing din ng love problem nila: naturally, we're anti-adultery, but when you get to know their stories, ang hirap maging black & white about it.

Amor: My friends have been raving about it and I kept putting it off until I got sick and had to stay in bed. I saw one episode, and afterward, I got hooked!

Redjeulle said...

anong sick mo? di namin alam.

Jason said...

Nag-swell yung cheek/jaw area ko, parang na-infect yung saliva gland. Parotitis tawag.

auee said...

wowow alam mo daming stylish dito, women and men alike

sabi ni hubby e ano daw kataka-taka dun? hehe

wish ko lang na kaya ko yan

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