Monday, October 26, 2009

What you know

500 Days of Summer was cute. Not earth-shattering but cute just the same. (I was a bit tired I fell asleep on some parts, only to be awakened by my phone's alarm, signaling that I needed to take my antibiotics. My alarm tone was I Gotta Feeling by Black Eyed Peas. No moviegoer shhh-ed me, hehe.)

For us adults, I'd like to think that we know these things already: love is unpredictable; love is subjective. It takes one person + love to screw up your entire world and take you to a plethora of emotions and episodes within a span of weeks.

Love changes.

So I hope it didn't take this movie to switch on a lightbulb in people's heads, with the exception of teenagers and virgins.

Julie & Julia echoes this premise: Live your passion and you will rule the world.

We're all supposed to know this to be true, right?

It should not take this movie to switch on a lightbulb in our heads because this truth has been hammered into our mindset several times in books, other movies and on Oprah.

Over and over. Again and Again.

Then why are we still stuck with dead-end jobs we don't jump off the bed at 6 in the morning for?

In love, teenagers and virgins have an excuse for their stupid choices: naivete. We adults rattle off children, mortgage, security and stability, as if people who live their passion don't have/never had to contend with these challenges.

I know these things. I am not doing anything about it.

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heyjay said...

it's not easy kasi to make that leap of faith eh.

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