Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Looklet Looks

I've been addicted to Looklet! Mon says I am loco por looklet, lol.

My page is here, and below are some of my creations.

The Architect
Because you know, you'd trust her to design your home.

The Boss 1
She just came back from her African safari vacay so may hangover pa, lol.

Little Boy meets Little Girl
Played around with childhood gender stereotypes...

Book editor
Fifi, inspired by you!

The Boss 2
Ayan, wala na syang vacay hangover, lol.

Wearable 1
I'd wear something like this on a first date if I didn't have a peen, lol.

Wearable 2
I would so hang out with her!

Job interview
I mean seriously, imagine you're applying for the same job as her, lol! Tapos boss nyo yung nasa taas, haha!

First day at work
Both of you were hired at ayan suot nya on your first day, lol!

The sisters are out
May pupuntahan kayong party at ayaw nya patalo, haha!

So one day, prior to work and after gym, tinago mo bra nya, lol.

Priscilla Polka
And you're looking severe!

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Fifi said...

i should start dressing like that! panalo! hahaha

Jason said...

haha, go feef!!!

Vayie said...

Hello! I tried Looklet after reading this entry but I can't seem to log-in. When I try to go to the "Create New Look" it doesn't show I'm logged in even if I did numerous times already. What could I be doing wrong?

Thanks for introducing us to this cool site. I wish I could start making my own look.

Blue Arden said...

Hmm... Works fine with me. Maybe it's your browser? I'm using Firefox.

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