Thursday, October 01, 2009

I love it!

My friend Drei, who could populate the world (lol) with his global travels and is currently residing in Spain, sent this awesome message:

"share ko lang na sabay ng bday week mo ang release ng albums ni mariah, madonna, and barbara. tapos start ng tour ni kylie. such a gay week for music haha. have a gay birthday my friend!!"

I love it, haha! Thanks Drei!

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Anonymous said...

happy birthday jay, so gay nga ang pasok ng october. did you see the back up dancers of kylie? hunky!

Jason said...

sana maaraw din ang pasok ng october!

Drei said...

haha special mention talaga! :) you're welcome jason!! been hearing "better" news about the coming storm, hope it's not that bad, and hoping everyone is more prepared this time!

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