Thursday, October 08, 2009

First-time tourist city series

Loco por looklet strikes again!

I decided to make looks inspired by different cities. My peg is a first-time traveler, hence the OA clothes and cliche style:

Wanted to capture the vibrancy of the city -- at least based on what I've seen and read of the Cuban capital. Hence the bold stripes and the Christmas colors.

If this isn't representative of Manila, then I don't know what else to clothe her with :-P

Rio de Janeiro
I'm not quite satisfied with the look. Doesn't look that Brazilian to me, though I did my best to play up the country's flag colors and make her look like the carnival queen. Kulang din naman kasi sa feather boas ang looklet, lol.

This one I really like. I love how she looks so giddy and excited, like any first-time Parisian visitor. The shades of blue and red were also perfect representations of France's flag. Fur makes for an interesting texture/detail.

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Wednesday said...

these are awesome! :] do well-known places next! nyc, london, miami, LA, shanghai. :]

Jason said...

Thanks! Yup, I'll do those cities but I particularly looove the Shanghai idea. I'll do that sooner!

Deepa said...

it's like bianca manalo showing up in the bahamas in her bahamas-themed outfit, haha.

you forgot the french striped boatneck shirt. it would have been cliche-tastic with the beret!

Jason said...

lol @ bianca manalo reference!

totally forgot about the stripes!!!

do you have an account? share!

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