Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Linear control

Found this interesting photo over at taken in Seoul. I'm not sure what it is exactly but it's a very intriguing concept: demarcation lines is all it takes to mark boundaries and lanes on a street.

Photo by Yvan Rodic

I love that it is minimalist; more so what it says about self-discipline. No need to put up barricades like fences, wires and cement blocks (in the Philippines, such construction projects are susceptible to graft and corruption). Also, said blockades, which have taken up a lot of space in Manila's main thoroughfare, EDSA, are still not effective enough to discipline drivers, and have also been known to be causes for accidents.

If implemented in Manila, you think this will only create mayhem? How much trust do you place in Filipino drivers?

I'm pretty sure Ruby will say zero :-P

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

What's going on?

I lost the Looklet Ludic Contest. I'm thankful for having been nominated and getting a decent number of votes. In terms of ranking, parang Philippines lang sa Miss U, haha.

Thank you to those who voted :-)

* * * *

Mon's Looklet for me while I was bedridden for six days last week:

Cuppycake asked the Gift Lady to bring these presents to Bluearden: (1) a Tenderheart Bear toy, (2) some flowers arranged by the Flowers Guy, (3) a BIG KISS, and (4) a "My Heart Belongs to Bluearden Alone" balloon. Get well soon, Pogi. Mwah! :-)

I told him I wanted to see him dress like this in real life, haha.

* * * *

And one of my city series creations, which I dedicate to Auee:


* * * *

Isn't Glee just the most awesome new TV show? It made me drop Gossip Girl off my viewing list; GG characters have become too emo and Lindsay Lohan for my palate.

Monday, October 26, 2009

What you know

500 Days of Summer was cute. Not earth-shattering but cute just the same. (I was a bit tired I fell asleep on some parts, only to be awakened by my phone's alarm, signaling that I needed to take my antibiotics. My alarm tone was I Gotta Feeling by Black Eyed Peas. No moviegoer shhh-ed me, hehe.)

For us adults, I'd like to think that we know these things already: love is unpredictable; love is subjective. It takes one person + love to screw up your entire world and take you to a plethora of emotions and episodes within a span of weeks.

Love changes.

So I hope it didn't take this movie to switch on a lightbulb in people's heads, with the exception of teenagers and virgins.

Julie & Julia echoes this premise: Live your passion and you will rule the world.

We're all supposed to know this to be true, right?

It should not take this movie to switch on a lightbulb in our heads because this truth has been hammered into our mindset several times in books, other movies and on Oprah.

Over and over. Again and Again.

Then why are we still stuck with dead-end jobs we don't jump off the bed at 6 in the morning for?

In love, teenagers and virgins have an excuse for their stupid choices: naivete. We adults rattle off children, mortgage, security and stability, as if people who live their passion don't have/never had to contend with these challenges.

I know these things. I am not doing anything about it.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Third World Banks

Our word for the day is Bureaucracy.

I receive an HSBC check drawn from its New York branch. I go to BPI in SM Megamall to deposit it to my account. Bank teller tells me it's impossible. Calmly, I walk away.

I go to HSBC Discovery Suites branch to encash it. Bank teller tells me it's impossible. Naturally, I asked why; the check is drawn from THEIR bank. Bank teller tells me their computers don't have an access/connection to the New York branch. Apparently, we really are third world like that. Bank teller suggests I deposit it to wherever I have an account with. I tell him about the BPI incident. He smiles and tells me it's all he can do to help -- to smile that is and offer no other solution. I calmly walk away.

I proceed to BPI in Podium, fill out the forms and walk to the teller. Teller stares at the check for a good one minute, opens mouth, stares at it again, and finally, tells me what I wanted was impossible. "I called your customer service center; the agent told me what I'm asking you to do is very possible," I politely tell her.

Of course, I made no such call and had no such conversation. Teller asks for advice from a colleague. I stare at them as they huddle.

Teller returns to me and says I must have a dollar account. I refuse to accept her answer, still insisting on the phantom call I made. Teller leaves her counter and asks a senior colleague for advice. Senior colleague leaves her desk and approaches the bank manager. Bank manager says it's OK -- they can process the check.

This is a major attitude problem, particularly among those in the government.
They say "No, it can't be done," out of:
    a. Ignorance
    b. Laziness
without even verifying the rules; or by simply IGNORING the rules.

So I proceed to the manager. Manager first throws a sales pitch: "If you open a dollar account with us, the clearing period is much shorter, about 15 days."


Manager leaves for senior colleague to take over.

I sign a form and hand over the check.

"This will take as much as 45 days before it gets deposited to your account," she tells me.

Our word for the day is Bureaucracy. Bureaucracy is when BPI would take it 30 more days to convert a currency -- which money changers can do in minutes, by the way -- because its client doesn't have a US Dollar account.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

I'm a Looklet nominee!!! (updated)



Please vote for me by clicking the heart next to my entry. It is titled "Sexy Back" under the name bluearden. Thanks! :-D

* * * *

Since I made this look quite some time ago, I was taken aback by my cheesy title and the Justin Timberlake reference -- I couldn't figure out why I named it so... until I remembered what the back part looks like:


So please vote :-) Deadline is this Sunday, October 18. Thanks!

Monday, October 12, 2009

1st-time tourist city series: Shanghai

Thanks to Wednesday for the city idea! :-)


Zuleyka's such a superstar she won't let the Shanghai skyline eclipse her style.


(This is perhaps the most chic of my city series. Kept the China references subtle.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

1st-time tourist city series: Lhasa


Sonia dreamed of meeting the Dalai Lhama. She went to Tibet ready to impress the Buddhist leader, garbed in traditional colors. When she reached Lhasa, it was only then that she discovered that the Dalai Lama has been in exile in India since 1959.



Friday, October 09, 2009

1st-time tourist city series: Nairobi


It's Nelia's first time in Kenya and she is excited for the African safari. To endear herself to the animal kingdom, she dresses up as an ostrich (in fab pink), leopard and lion!



Thursday, October 08, 2009

First-time tourist city series

Loco por looklet strikes again!

I decided to make looks inspired by different cities. My peg is a first-time traveler, hence the OA clothes and cliche style:

Wanted to capture the vibrancy of the city -- at least based on what I've seen and read of the Cuban capital. Hence the bold stripes and the Christmas colors.

If this isn't representative of Manila, then I don't know what else to clothe her with :-P

Rio de Janeiro
I'm not quite satisfied with the look. Doesn't look that Brazilian to me, though I did my best to play up the country's flag colors and make her look like the carnival queen. Kulang din naman kasi sa feather boas ang looklet, lol.

This one I really like. I love how she looks so giddy and excited, like any first-time Parisian visitor. The shades of blue and red were also perfect representations of France's flag. Fur makes for an interesting texture/detail.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Looklet Looks

I've been addicted to Looklet! Mon says I am loco por looklet, lol.

My page is here, and below are some of my creations.

The Architect
Because you know, you'd trust her to design your home.

The Boss 1
She just came back from her African safari vacay so may hangover pa, lol.

Little Boy meets Little Girl
Played around with childhood gender stereotypes...

Book editor
Fifi, inspired by you!

The Boss 2
Ayan, wala na syang vacay hangover, lol.

Wearable 1
I'd wear something like this on a first date if I didn't have a peen, lol.

Wearable 2
I would so hang out with her!

Job interview
I mean seriously, imagine you're applying for the same job as her, lol! Tapos boss nyo yung nasa taas, haha!

First day at work
Both of you were hired at ayan suot nya on your first day, lol!

The sisters are out
May pupuntahan kayong party at ayaw nya patalo, haha!

So one day, prior to work and after gym, tinago mo bra nya, lol.

Priscilla Polka
And you're looking severe!

Friday, October 02, 2009

The Secret for the next three days

I Gotta Feeling by Black Eyed Peas

Walking On Sunshine, Aly & AJ

Beautiful Day by U2

While it's good to be guarded, I am not liking how everyone is panicking -- it's unwarranted at this point. What we can do is make preparations, pray for the best, then make less use of uppercase lettering and exclamation points and eliminate doomsday scenarios from our mindset. Let's claim a beautiful weather this weekend.

Thursday, October 01, 2009

I love it!

My friend Drei, who could populate the world (lol) with his global travels and is currently residing in Spain, sent this awesome message:

"share ko lang na sabay ng bday week mo ang release ng albums ni mariah, madonna, and barbara. tapos start ng tour ni kylie. such a gay week for music haha. have a gay birthday my friend!!"

I love it, haha! Thanks Drei!

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