Monday, September 28, 2009

Ondoy was here

The flood hit our apartment last Saturday.

I woke up at 11 a.m. thinking why it had to rain so hard on a weekend. I knew there was a typhoon going but I thought it was just one of those—torrential rains, and therefore, you’ll just need to hole up inside the house.

I would have slept some more but the rain was so hard (I could really feel it battering our roof) so I headed downstairs just to check in case there was a flood outside the house.

There was what I thought to be a puddle so I went to the toilet to pee. Toilet was overflowing, (thankfully, with clear water) and I noticed that our kitchen rug was soaked. It was here that I realized that water was coming in from the kitchen.

I checked the front door again and lo, water was already rushing in.

At this point, everything was a blur—I had to dismantle so many cables in my attempt to bring up all the electronics to the second floor—TV, DVD player, computer, speakers, radio, that SkyCable apparatus. I also prioritized my growing shoe collection because, um, you know, they’re nice. I was all alone so I was panicking—it’s not a nice feeling to be in such a rush while you’re starting to shiver because the water is so cold and it’s climbing its way up your body. I also began seeing my stuff float in the water.

After saving some of the electronics, I began bringing up water, rice, rice cooker, coffeemaker (I forgot the beans though, lol) and my toiletries. The water was coming in so fast that my eyes zoomed in on the refrigerator and its lowly stand.

Will the water reach the refrigerator? If it does, should I just buy a new refrigerator?

I waded through the water and mustered all the knowledge that I have learned from the gym lifting weights—squat and use leg and thigh muscles; keep back straight; and focus. I lifted the fridge onto the dining table.

Water rose to where the refrigerator would have been.

I then tried to bring up the sofa but it wouldn’t fit the stairs. Our stairs is next to the window, and next to the window was the flood. At this point, I just broke down (did not cry though; more of lost the energy and will). I thought if the water was going to enter the window, then there was no point trying to save all the things—I should consider saving my own life.

I went up to the second floor and asked my mom and sister if they had any jewelry and cash here that I needed to secure. (My family was safe and dry at our Laguna home.) I also secured mine—the contents of the bag I bring to the office, plus a photograph of my and Mon’s pet in Pet Society (Their names are Barack and Michelle Obama, lol). Mon framed it and gave it as a gift.

I then thought of all the things that could possibly be washed away by the flood. Although painful, I was at that point in which they didn't matter and I was prepared to let them all go. The important thing was that I survive.

I washed myself at the stairs (a surreal occurrence, really), went to my bed and prayed hard. Prayed that the water won’t reach the second floor because then, I’d really have no way out, except by dismantling the windows and staying afloat (I had no way of getting up on the roof). I had electricity and so I tuned in to the radio, charged my phone, and sent out tweets. I texted friends and colleagues if they were OK. I also set up my cable and was able to watch the news until the cable service died.

I then received a text from Mon. He said, “Look out of your window.”

I did and he was there, my knight in shining raincoat and rubber boots. He waded through waist-deep waters to bring me food and keep me company.

The water didn’t reach the window and I had company throughout the night. Life is good. I said my prayers for those who weren’t as fortunate and slept my bruises, cuts and tiredness away.

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auee said...

Glad you are safe. Ang sweet naman ni Mon.

I was telling hubby if I were still in Pinas (and I used to live in Pasig -- alone), what will I do?? I can barely lift the electric fan.

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