Sunday, September 20, 2009

In My Life

Here's my short review on the film, In My Life.

Vilma Santos plays the mother of Luis Manzano, who is gay. Luis's boyfriend is John Lloyd Cruz. To create tension in the movie, film creates unnecessary drama and angst over the relationship between Vilma and John. In other words, may mapag-awayan lang talaga.

Director Olivia Lamasan insists that this is not "a gay film." I agree; hence, I thought it wasted an opportunity to present something new in local cinema.

You can replace John Lloyd with a female character. Minus a few adjustments, the plot would still be essentially the same. That takes the novelty out of the film (seeing Luis and John gay), and this will be just one of those films that won't even merit a movie review because it's so average.

My rating: overhyped but with a few comedic gems.

2 * :

styleanywhere said...

it could have been better if they stick with the "comedy gems" the whole movie. the drama was OA! :-)

Jason said...

Some were warranted but in the earlier parts, di ko talaga gets.

By the way, I love your blog!

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