Friday, September 04, 2009

Guy Smiley

In Laguna, we have a pending case filed against a neighbor, who punched my dad after he requested him to tone down the volume of his stereo.

His stereo is so loud we can't even hear our own TV. Yes, it's in the present tense because he still does it occasionally. He lives across the street.

In Mandaluyong, our neighbor would throw their cigarette butts in front of our house. That went on until we collected all of them, and after having amassed a good number, dumped them in front of his door. Another neighbor doesn't look after its dog -- I am still hatching plans for this as I've no intentions of collecting and keeping dog poo for a period of time.

Many times, friends would tell me, why not just talk to the them? And my point is, do I actually have to explain what is proper from improper? Do I really have to go, "Oh Mister! What a delight to be your neighbor! But Sir, may I ask, would you be oh so kind not to make our house AN EXTENSION OF YOUR GARBAGE CAN?!"

Do I have to explain to the call center agents in our building that "it is not nice" to push ALL the floor buttons in the elevator?

Should have I exchanged niceties with the guy who was on the sidewalk opposite me, and seeing that there was an empty cab coming my way, walked steps ahead, then crossed to my side and flagged it instead?

Or perhaps, give a "that's life" shrug to every single person I see spitting on the streets -- you know, where people walk?

If the answer is yes, then I might as well compliment the many people in the cinemas for their outstanding communication skills that enable them to hold discourses with their companions while a movie is playing.

At the MRT, I should also go ahead and express delight at the women who choose to ride at the already congested trains for men even if those reserved for women are not as full, in the hopes that guys would be chivalrous enough to offer them seats.

Also, remind me to smile at every driver who dash their car toward the pedestrian lane even when I'm already mid-way -- I really get excited about dying in the middle of the street; it's such an adrenaline rush.

I should send a note to these people and thank them. I hope they would also be gracious enough to send a thank-you note to the many doormats that have allowed their breed to cultivate and increase.

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Wednesday said...

ay, those are really annoying! especially spitting on the streets! my pet peeve! some of us value footwear, you know. people do it even on the beach. for goodness' sake, sand and spit shouldn't go together. people walk barefoot on the beach!

Jason said...

Ewww re: sand and spit.

Reminds me of the time I vomited on the beach, lol. Um, I buried it naman, hehe.

amor said...

Ai ewan..I don't really understand that even with GMRC being taught in schools (or human's inherent common sense) some people still do those things. It won't even take that much effort to do the right thing.

Jason said...

I don't get it either. I don't even think it needs to be taught. I never had GMRC. Common sense should do.

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