Thursday, September 17, 2009

Good old asaran (updated)

Here's a video of the announcement of winners:

Video starts with UP already having been announced as third placers; UST is rejoicing, lol. (BTW, wow -- I didn't realize our crowd was that massive!!! But I can still spot ourselves in the crowd, lol.)

With wounded pride, UP cheers for FEU. Camera guy says, "Ang salbahe ng UP," and his companion goes, "Ang bad!" LOL. Take note, this was just minutes before their own merrymaking.

At 2:37, Ateneo is announced as second placers. Lady at the UST gallery thinks out loud, "Shet, wala kami." Repeats it twice more, lol.

3:39 -- UP cheers for FEU, lol.

4:16 -- UST cheers for themselves but I don't hear that at the stadium as UP, Ateneo and UE start cheering for FEU, lol.

5:01 -- Quotable quote: "Katawa yung UP," haha.

6:26 -- Another round of cheers for FEU, and this was heard on TV.

6:54 -- Winner is announced :-) Entire Araneta celebrates except for one side, lol.

* * * *


Additional song #4

Here's the soundtrack that the UP Pep Squad used for its 2009 cheerdance routine. Makes for a good playlist :-)

1. Blue Jeans, Rocksteddy cover
2. State U by Yano
3. Umiikot-Ikot by Mike Hanopol
4. Iisang Bangka Tayo by The Dawn (Wow, Jett Pangan, nice jeans! Lol!)
5. UP, Ang Galing Mo by Herbie Rosales
6. Ang Pagbabalik by Sandwich
7. Hari ng Sablay by Sugarfree

4 * :

Wednesday said...

true story: we were on the UP side, and the UP people started cheering for FEU. i think we were the only ones cheering for UST on the maroon side! :'D and we went, "ay, walang ganyan plis," to the people surrounding us. but they kept on chanting, "FEU! FEU!" and we kept on saying, "noooooo!" hoho. but yeah, nakakapikon nga. i felt bad for the people on the UST side. and for YJ and Gawi. :-/

nice soundtrack by the way. what's the story behind hari ng sablay? :]

Jason said...

Yeah, kailangan talaga eh medyo matigas loob ng mga manonood kasi kanya-kanyang asaran talaga ng schools.

Yung sash na suot ng UP Pep Squad, that's the "sablay." Sinusuot sya sa graduation rites. So nung ginamit na sya as props during the routine and gumawa ng partner stunts with the "sablay" raised, dun sinakto yung chorus na "Hari ng Sablay."

But of course, due to the earlier fumbles, other schools probably thought the song was a jinx :-)

heyjay said...

ngayon ko lang napanood. ang saya naman nung atmosphere sa loob ng araneta.

Jason said...

haha yeah, you pretty much watch it live for that experience. kaso sobrang pahirapan makakuha ng ticket.

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