Friday, August 07, 2009

The Philippines arrives

The Miss Universe pageant is in full swing as the delegates have all arrived in Bahamas. A few weeks before, a couple of delegates have sent out press releases announcing how their delegates will arrive: Japan said its delegate would land via helicopter, and Australia's will arrive in a speedboat.

This left me and my friends Tammy, Bianca and Jay to wonder how the Philippines would do it:

The good news: she arrived in a stretch limousine. The bad news: she was Miss Copacabana. A puzzling choice for day wear, more so for a nighttime ensemble:

Nasa Bahamas nga naman sya, so kailangan very Caribbean ang arrive, lol.

To be honest, I didn't like her when she was crowned Miss Philippines -- the space above her eyebrows was always crinkled; her default face was such that she seemed to be smelling something awful:

But all that has changed. Her features have softened, and I suspect, through the wonders of botox:

Next: how does her evening gown compare to that of the other delegates? Can she pull one off on the Versace-toting Miss Japan? Also, what did Miss Japan do for her own Caribbean look, minus the bandanna, zebra print and a plethora of dizzying colors? Abangan!

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Drei said...

san graduate ung candidate natin? :)

Jason said...

Assumption. Former PAL FA din :-)

Deepa said...

her eyebrows are less sharply defined, which probably led to the softer look. she actually looks slightly korean. slight lang. hehe.

Jason said...

oo nga, good observation! eyebrows can do wonders talaga!

Jay said...

she's pretty but not beauty queen pretty. kulang ng va-va-voom factor. and her smile is kinda pasweet. dapat ngiting nakanganga. hehe

Jason said...

Haha, dapat ba Gloria Diaz?

I strongly didn't like her before but now, she's growing on me. I liked how she was running to her welcoming party when she arrived :-)

Jay said...

yep. si margie and miriam din, ngiting nakanganga din sila. hehe

ewan ko pero she looks retokada to me. still, i do hope she wins, or at least even place in the competition. naku, pamela, karirin mo na yan.

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