Monday, August 24, 2009

My final thoughts on Miss Universe 2009

    1) The finals was so boring that paper dolls would have excited me more because you can tear away their head.
    2) No Asian made it to the Top 15. I don't get it.
    3). A third of the finalists were from Europe who all looked like they were flown in from another decade with their drab complexions and big, flyaway hair that seemed to have never experienced hair conditioning. The 70s called: it wanted them back.
    4) Surprisingly, since all European countries practically made it, those who actually looked divine didn't place (with the exception of Kosovo): Russia, Spain and Montenegro.
    5) I was so bored I didn't root for anyone... until Audrey Hepburn emerged in Miss Kosovo. I badly wanted her to win because I couldn't figure how the outgoing Miss Universe will place the crown on her giant bun.
    6) Andre Leon Talley poised the perfect question -- how can women hurdle obstacles in the corporate environment -- to bring up the subject that is Anna Wintour. Sadly, Venezuela didn't as she felt that there are no such obstacles anymore. Pwede na.

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auee said...

re: anna wintour

di ko gets... why would the question bring up anna wintour? Is the fashion mag world dominated by men, too?

Jason said...

I was thinking "do as Anna Wintour does," meaning not give a crap about being labeled a "bitch" for having the cojones to be demanding and cutthroat. I figured it was a criticism women always had to contend with across all corporate environments, not just in fashion.

Kaso baka di enough yung time limit pag ako sasagot, haha.

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