Monday, August 10, 2009

Her head on a Le Cirque platter

I haven't blogged about politics -- and have been covering Cebu and the Miss Universe pageant, instead -- because I refuse to acquire circulatory and heart ailments all because of that unano, Gloria Arroyo.

It's painful that our country is at the hands of a corrupt and immoral First Family. Sometimes, I wonder if Fernando Poe Jr. -- and if he died while in office, Noli de Castro -- would have made a better President.

I really hope that whoever is elected president in 2010 makes sure that justice is served: Arroyo must pay; she and her family must be brought to court.

Here are the latest scandals to have surfaced only in the last three days. Many others have been buried in the deep recesses of Congress (e.g., ZTE scandal, Hello Garci scandal, Fertilizer Fund scandal), courtesy of impeachment files that never saw the light of day.

Even until today, I am incensed at the fact that she granted the release of Claudio Teehankee, Jr., who shot Maureen Hultman in cold murder. And then several months after his release, she had the gall to announce that she won't pardon the Abu Sayyaf because “such leniency should be extended only to those accused of political offenses, not common criminals especially as brutal as the Abu Sayyaf.”* So the murder of Hultman was not brutal enough? I am so mad at this; I can't imagine how the Hultman family must be feeling like.

Perhaps, the Abu Sayyaf should kill Luli Arroyo -- its members probably have better chances of getting pardoned that way.

In China, the government has executed a top Beijing executive for corruption. We may never see Arroyo executed, much to my dismay, but to history and for the Filipino people, she may as well be dead. She may have increased her net worth by 114 percent, or equivalent to P144 million, since she became President, but she will never ever be honored by this country, both in life and at her death.

*I don't believe the terrorist group should be pardoned either. My point is the law should apply to both the rich and poor; to both Teehankee and the Abu Sayyaf.

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d3nd3n said...

leche talaga 'tong unano na 'to. sobrang garapal.

i agree with your last sentence, she would never be honoured by the Filipinos. Paging karma! bilis-bilisan please.

Jason said...

Sana talaga the next administration would do something to bring her to justice.

amor said...

If ever her offenses will be brought to court, hope it will not end up to nothing --- like in the case of Erap. He was pardoned. Aksaya lang ng pera ng bayan.

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