Friday, August 28, 2009

First magazine writing stint

Let me toot my proverbial horn and post this article that appeared in the April 2009 issue of Silkwinds. It's the in-flight magazine of SilkAir, a regional carrier based in Singapore.

This marks my first byline in a magazine, and for an international publication at that.

This profile on Manny Pacquiao was written before his fight with Ricky Hatton. Also, it's geared toward non-Filipinos who haven't heard about his greatness.

Pacquiao Silkwinds May 2009

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Drei said...

wow congrats! next target, vogue.

Jason said...

Time Asia muna, haha. Thanks!!! :-)

Fifi said...

congrats, j! big time ka na ah!

Wednesday said...

nice article kuya j. :] time asia's a good idea! i look forward to seeing your byline in the future issues!

auee said...

Been trying to comment since last week but I forgot my password

Baka pwedeng pa-email nung PDF, pangit sa print option from that link. I want hubby to read it, too.

Jason said...

Thanks everyone! :-)

Auee -- will send one from home. Pero ha, it's really just a general intro/overview on Manny.

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