Friday, August 07, 2009

Asia's powerhouses

There used to be a time when the Philippines was the only country in Asia that mattered at the Miss Universe.

The other countries' choice of delegates simply didn't pose a threat to our own.

Until India emerged in the 90s:

Miss India 1990, finalist

and then most recently, Japan:

Miss Japan 2006, 1st runner-up

In the last two years, the following countries placed as finalists:

Miss Thailand 2007

Miss Korea 2007

Miss Vietnam 2008

The Philippines last placed 10 years ago. Yes, it has been that long since Miriam Quiambao.

Looks like the competition gets tougher this year. Lo and behold the Asian candidates:

India. If this were a soap opera, you won't dare be on her bad side. Bravo!

Di papatalo sa pag-uumeffort: Vietnam. Gets the award for best use of an electric fan. The face isn't doing it for me.

Singapore. Tweetums.

Thailand. Look at that bod.

Indonesia. Probably the country's best delegate ever.

China. Fasyon. I like.

Needs no introduction: Japan. No garish accessories for her; To get the Caribbean vibe, she got herself a tan.

Next: So how does the Philippines fall in the scheme of things? Abangan!

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auee said...

pansin ko lang ha... bakit parang puro pang-FHM na yung theme & posing?

I'm more used to the sophisticated sultry shots.

Ang india naman kasi they treat this event like the Olympics. May Ms U academy sila & scouts everywhere. The girls STUDY the pageant seriously.

Deepa said...

korek, pang kontrabida si miss india!

kakapa-belo lang ata nung vietnam.

ay trust me major triumph na ang tweetums for singapore.

whoa @ thailand and indonesia!!!

china is kinda gong li-ish.

Jason said...

Auee -- since Trump owned the company, medyo naging FHMish na nga sila. Maybe it's their way to atttract a new demographic -- para hindi puro becky lang, haha.

may na-interview ako na ex-Miss World from India dati. She confirmed that they were practically schooled -- day to night ang training.

Deepa -- oo nga, mukhang best delegate rin ito ng Singapore. although di ko sure if you were referring to Singaporeans generally, haha.

Herbs D. said...

the electric fan line was oh sooo brilliant. i love it

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