Monday, August 03, 2009

Abaseria Cafe & Deli

Abaseria, which is Spanish for sari-sari store, is a quaint restaurant located in the quiet neighborhood of Villa Aurora Subdivision, corner of Gen. Lim and Pres. Quirino streets. Aside from being a restaurant, it is also a handicrafts and delicacies store.

It has been featured in several blogs and magazines, all of which rave about the food, so we figured it was a must-try destination. We expect it to be as good as Cookbook Kitchen in Mandaluyong, if not better. Both boast of comfort, home-cooked meals.

It was a bit of a challenge going to the restaurant as our taxi driver didn't speak Tagalog; couldn't read our map as he had poor eyesight; and was not familiar with the address. Thankfully, Google Map was detailed enough so Mon and I served as the driver's personal GPS. You may print the map here. Also, street signs leading at Abaseria may be found at F. Cabahug St.

We went there on Sunday noon and the place wasn't as full as we expected. It made the restaurant feel more intimate: interior was largely made of wood furniture and several handicrafts pieces adorned the walls and tables.

Since we were only two, Mon and I wouldn't have been able to try a wide variety of dishes, so we settled with the two entrees that Anton of Our Awesome Planet has blogged about: Bangus Belly and Baked Ribs, plus Laing, as our own last-minute addition.

Service time was leisurely but not irritably long. The place is also equipped with wi-fi in case jewelry shopping is not your thing.

After tweeting, I admired the strong wood table:

the table runner:

and the set-up:

After about 15 minutes, the food arrived.

Bangus Belly was good. I mean, who screws up this dish?

Baked ribs was OK. Mon asked me how I'd describe it and the word that came to mind was "homey." I couldn't put in any other way: it tasted OK but I thought it lacked sophistication.

Laing was OK but not spicy at all.

Our bill:

Overall, food was OK but not spectacular. For the price, we were expecting to be wowed by at least one of the dishes, but sadly, none of them amazed.

Mon and I figured that perhaps, we ordered the wrong dishes; maybe we should have asked the staff what its specialty was. Oh well, there's always next time -- but I'd exhaust trying all the other Cebu restaurants before going back to Abaseria.

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auee said...

parang kadiri yung itsura nang laing

Lakbay Diva said...

hmm... bangus belly huh. i'll definitely try that one next time.

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