Monday, July 20, 2009

(UPDATED) MMK presents Mar

Juice ko naman, Mar:

I am this close --> <-- to voting for you, but every time you go theatrical, i.e., garland of garlic at the Senate, padyak ad, I cringe and pull away.

Here's why Mar Roxas's ads are not working (for me, at least), particularly when compared to Manny Villar's (with whom I've issues as well; for a later post):

1./ The ads are generally made of empty promises. "Lalaban tayo." "Sama-sama tayo." "Ramdam ko kayo." Eh... and then what? It seems that the catchphrases are Mar's way of relating to the masses, given that he is of the Roxas-Araneta clan, but I feel that this is unnecessary: he has Korina Sanchez for that.

2./ The ads don't say what Mar has accomplished. Compared to Manny's ads -- which proudly and repeatedly trumpet that he grew out of poverty to become a real estate magnate; and that he offers a telephone hotline for marginalized Filipino expatriates (digression: why not start a shift in mentality by referring to OFWs as expats?) -- Mar's ads seem to assume that we fully know him already.

Spare us of showbiz antics; show us your report card.


To Mar's credit though, I know that he is the chief architect of the Cheaper Medicines Act. From this article, it is noted that he started to push for it when he was still DTI Secretary under Pres. Estrada.


As to why one of the provisions in the Cheaper Medicines Act, that is the Maximum Retail Price, has yet to be signed by Arroyo, Journalist Ellen Tordesillas offers this simple explanation: inggit.

"Sabi ng isang source namin sa MalacaƱang inis raw si Arroyo na ang pipirmahan niyang executive order ay magagamit ni Roxas sa kanyang kampanya para presidente sa 2010."

The full post in her blog.

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Jay said...

Is Dick Gordon running for prez? When is he coming out with an ad?

Jason said...

He hasn't made an official announcement yet, but it does look like he's considering it.

As much as I like Gordon, I can't see him winning against Villar or Roxas (or God forbid, Estrada).

I think he'd be more suitable as a VP ala Joe Biden.

amor said...

Mas nainis yata ako kay Arroyo if the latter part of this post is true. Why would she delay this act if it benefits the public?!!?!?

Jason said...

It's true that she held a private meeting with Pfizer, together with the DOH Secretary. Prizer offered to give away discount cards instead, which is one may read as a bribe, and something the administration may use to buy votes. Of course, that last sentence starting with "bribe" is the conspiracy theory.

Not sure how this private meeting came to light, but only when the public learned of this did Arroyo reluctantly, sort of commit to the executive order...

... which by the way she still hasn't signed to this day.

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