Wednesday, July 01, 2009


Makati Representative Teodoro Locsin is easily one of the funniest solons in Congress.

His quotable quotes on the looming failure of automated elections:

"... anyone with half a brain would know they (Smartmatic) did their best and suddenly this guy (TIM president Jose Mari Antunez) becomes unreasonable.”


“You can’t link TIM’s withdrawal to the administration because the administration has backed up automation 100 percent. In fact, the opposition in the House and the Senate have opposed automation and in a way they got what they wished for.

“Maybe he just wanted to extract money but we as lawyers don’t want to think like that so we have to ascribe the influence of the opposition to automation.”

From Gil Cabacungan Jr.'s report, Solon: P500-M demand did it

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In other news, I don't get the point of the photos that accompany Inquirer website's banner story, Inquirer Politics launched on

Uh... why the mugshots?

The article also does not have any link to the newly launched section, which is over here.

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