Friday, July 03, 2009

The curious case of Gloria's boob job


Arroyo admits she has breast implants

A spokesman of President Arroyo admitted Friday that Mrs. Arroyo had breast augmentation 20 years ago but denied reports that the implants were leaking.

Press Secretary Cerge Remonde earlier downplayed rumors that Mrs. Arroyo had checked in at the Asian Hospital in Muntinlupa City to have her breast silicone implants removed and replaced.

The press secretary later changed his tune and admitted that Mrs. Arroyo did have breast augmentation 20 years ago but that the implants were not leaking.

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OMG, I am speechless and I can't breathe! This beats Bubble Gang. The Palace has made a statement on Arroyo's... um, breasts: "Let the thing speak for itself."

See Palace won't confirm, deny if Arroyo had breast implants.

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About four months ago, at a dinner gathering, this guy with a connection to the press announced that Gloria Arroyo had a boob job. It took a huge amount of control not to throw out the food I was eating due to fits of laughter.

An Inquirer writer was with us and everyone prodded him to write about it as it was a scoop. But alas, he was beaten to the punch...

... by Manila Bulletin of all dailies:

via Stella Arnaldo

Yes, Manila Bulletin, whose banner headlines are usually as mundane as "Today is Rizal Day."

Initially, it looked like Bulletin's website was hacked: the story wasn't tight as tidbits on the boob augmentation was scattered in different paragraphs. (And wouldn't the boob job be your headline?) But eventually, another story on the matter surfaced in the Internet, this time from The Philippine Star's website. In Jarius Bondoc's column, Gotcha!:

"Wednesday dawn Arroyo checked in again — for less serious causes. She needed mammoplastic repair of leaking breast implants done in the ’80s. Occasion too to have doctors take out an inguinal cyst (in the groin), and laser off extra hair growth in that area and the armpits. Though a bit groggy, Arroyo was set to check out yesterday afternoon."

I'm not judging: there's nothing wrong with having breast implants or removing unwanted hair. However, let's just say the opposition and critics of the administration is bound to have a field day.

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auee said...

pathetic... sige it's her right & all, but OMG the mental image of her & Mike admiring her new-found mounds... excuse me, I gotta barf

Jason said...

haha, ang pangit nga nung imagery. di naman sya magiging issue actually kung hindi sya nag-leak (supposedly). but their denying that it leaked or that it had to be replaced, hence they don't want to discuss it.

Deepa said...

nag-leak, thus, nag-leak. how ironic.

Besonia said...

Totoo pala 'to. Akala ko tsismis lang. haha. Grabe naman. Pati pala presidente natin may "sariling" problema. Parang kagalang galang pa sya dati. Pero now that I know this, it's like "eeew" haha. E kasi di ba parang pinapahalagahan nya masyado yung itsura, kahit na di naman dapat. Bumaba lalo tingin ko sa kanya. ^^

Jason said...

if this happened to a good person, im sure we'd be sympathetic ü

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