Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Why buy 10

Michelle Obama can do no wrong in my book (well, um maybe except this one) and the quote from an old Vogue article by Rebecca Johnson titled The Natural makes me love her even more:

By contrast, Michelle Robinson was every parent's dream. In elementary school, she was so advanced for her age, she skipped the second grade. In high school, she was the class salutorian, taking science classes at a local college. "I wanted to be a pediatrician," she says, "until I realized science wasn't much fun." Even her mother was impressed by Michelle's precocious pragmatism. In a rare appearance at a New Hampshire Women for Obama event, Marian Robinson described a daughter who was hardworking and had a "natural eye" for clothes but who was also practical. One day Michelle came home with a new Coach bag she'd bought with the money she'd earned from baby-sitting. How much did you pay for it? her mother asked. When Michelle told her, Robinson gasped. I would never pay that for a bag, she said. Yes, Michelle answered, but you'll have to buy ten bags—I'll only have to buy one.

The full article may be accessed from the link above.

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