Thursday, June 18, 2009

Weighing 'lang'

"It is writers who routinely get to be charged with saying and not doing, of talking and not acting. It is writers who routinely get to be told: That’s all very fine, but when will you act?

It is the most astonishing thing because writing is acting. That is why we call it “the act of writing,” because it is an act. And like physically ministering to the sick, it is a vital act. It is spiritually ministering to the sick, an act that is fraught with meaning, an act that is laden with consequence. When you write, you either cure or you do not. When you write, the world either lives or dies."

-- Conrado de Quiros in his Inquirer editorial titled, ‘Writer ka lang pala’

It has several good points, although it can get sanctimonious, particularly when I think about showbiz columnists.

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Reminds me of the time when a call center agent hawking a credit card called our house and started asking me questions (I had no credit card then and I wasn't a corporate player yet.)

Agent: "Ano pong trabaho nila."

Me: "Journalist."

Agent: "Aaah, writer lang..."

Me: "Eh ikaw, call center agent lang."

Then I slammed the phone down.

No offense to call center agents in general, I think they do a tremendous job propping the economy; but geez, what was wrong with that woman?!

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auee said...

Ey bakit ako pag nalaman kong novelist or journalist ang isang tao, nai-impress ako

Jason said...

Wow, thanks :-)

In my case naman, I don't think my relatives would have been impressed if I hadn't written for PDI (or any other major daily for that matter). There was also a time when a doctor dad of my friend practically snickered when I told him I was writing for a living. I just kept my mouth zipped :-P

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