Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Vote for me in 2010

On Monday, billboard operators dismantled outdoor advertisements deemed "indecent" by the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH). Piolo Pascual's shirtless -- just no shirt, but with pants -- ad was one of the first to go.

In a report by Marlon Ramos for the Inquirer:

(DPWH Assistant Director Armando) Estrella said in a statement that the operators of outdoor signages volunteered to take down the huge ads after “they realized that many people were against indecent and immoral billboards.”

“They were conscience-stricken,” he said, adding, “They fear the backlash in public opinion will affect the products they are endorsing.”

Okay. Please help me understand. A country that finds a shirtless dude in jeans "indecent" and "immoral" but has a population of 96 million, 40 percent of which are below the poverty line; has a Senate that conducts hearings on sex scandals between starlets; and a Congress made up of a-holes.

Vote for me in 2010. I will make Piolo the centerpiece of my cultural renaissance program. Heck, I'll put him in our P20, P50, P100, P500, P1,000 bills. I'll engrave his abs on all our coins.

Piolo's pure gorgeousness courtesy of his newest TV ads for Bench:

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Razielle said...

i may have to buy a huge coin purse then!

bluearden 2010!!! said...

syet! gwapo ni piolo. pero nde ko talaga sya type.

Jason said...

razielle -- I realized though the new money might not encourage people to spend, haha. Thanks for the vote :-P

friedreich -- haha, that's ok; means one less competition so we're down to about 1/3 of the population lol.

Deepa said...

piolo's face on money sounds like a great savings plan.

heldensoubrette said...

i have a spare toothbrush in my medicine cabinet that has his name on it.

auee said...

he's okay I guess hehe downer :-P

As usual walang magawa mga policy-makers natin.

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