Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Vitamin C

I've been generally impassive about the A(H1N1) virus. Despite the growing number of cases in the Philippines, I'm somehow reassured by the Department of Health.

(By the way, have you ever noticed how the DOH keeps on downplaying the virus? When it first entered the country, it said don't worry, it's just mild. When the number of cases kept of increasing, it said don't worry, there's no community-level outbreak. When there was a fatality, it said don't worry, the victim died of complications and because of preexisting conditions. Now that there's a community-level outbreak in Metro Manila, it said don't worry, qualifying the phrase as a "low-level" community outbreak. A conspiracy theorist would probably dislike the DOH now, but I'd like to be sane and just believe them, period.)

In any case, I started drinking natural orange juice, and as I blogged before, shifted to Veggie Juice. (I've had issues with Ascorbic Acid and Vitamin E tablets after having read this.) When those ran out, I came across this in the grocery aisle:

Citrus Farms Calamansi Concentrate
photo: www.pinoygrocery.com

I checked the sticker on it and found that the the 750ml bottle was only P22.90. The Veggie Juice costs around P60 per liter. I thought I'd buy five but decided on three when I considered the total number of grocery bags I'd lug home.

The line to the cashier was loooong. It took me ages to reach the counter. When I did, the cashier scanned the calamansi juice and I was a bit shocked when the balance of my purchases was jumping by the hundreds.

I ended up with about four times more than how much I thought I'd rack up. I checked my receipt and saw that that the calamansi juice concentrate actually costs about P160 per bottle. The "22 9" I saw was actually the expiration date, grr.

So yeah, I bought P500 worth of calamansi. I also thought, how on earth did they squeeze the juice out? By hand? Gaah.

When I reached home, my family realized that it was actually juice concentrate so you have to mix every one part with 10 parts water. It also had honey, so it was thick and syrupy. It was actually nice and quite economical, so the price is worth it. Apparently, this product is for export, and based on google search, Filipinos overseas find them hard to find.

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auee said...

We love that stuff but it's sooo expensive.

re: squeezing the juice by hand
No they put it in a tub and jump on it ala-wine production

Jason said...

haha, gullible ako ha, i might believe that :-P

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