Friday, June 26, 2009


When I started reading movie reviews of Transformers 2, I knew the movie was going to bad. I figured it's an entertainment movie -- perhaps, the critics found the storyline too shallow -- and I prepared myself for it.

But cheesewiz, I never expected it was going to be that bad.

It was bad. Bad, bad, bad.

Jessica Zafra and her friends were right: it was corny. It was so corny I kept rolling my eyes and questioned myself as to why a 28 year-old like myself would subject himself such a mind-numbing script. (By the way, I know how not to take things seriously; I'm a guy who loved Drag Me to Hell.)

The problem with Transformers is its overly complex storyline; it was so complicated some scenes became downright ridiculous. I mean, come on, a bunch of robots actually do a ghostly apparition?!

The producers should have just stuck with a simple plot and let the battles/fight scenes do the rest of the talking -- anticipating those were the only things that kept me from walking out (aside from the relatively astronomical movie ticket price).

Of course, my review, or any review for that matter, won't stop you from watching it. I just thought I'd add to the warning :-P

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auee said...

The first was super awesome. Bay ruined it? That's sacrilege.
But I guess reading your post is for the best. Now I won't come in with high hopes, so maybe I wont be too disappointed.

Jason said...

I've no problems with the first one :-)

Feeling ko you really have to be super fan to like this.

drei said...

Enjoyed the first one too. Ung 2nd, parang priority nila ung action sequences. Ang kwento nagrevolve na lang sa lip gloss ni Megan Fox haha!

Jason said...

haha, di ko napansin yung lip gloss -- puro singit and cleavage shots kasi :-P

drei said...

Di mo napansin? Mamatay na si Optimus, sasabog na ang sun, wag lang masira ang lip gloss ni Megan haha =D

Ito check mo pinagtatawanan ang plot ng Transformers:

Jason said...

OMG, ang funny!!! Hahahaha

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