Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Things I could've twitted

... but some go beyond 140 characters.

1/ Thank God I survived the BPI Madness sale (read: wasn't led into temptation) or else I would've made an unnecessary purchase. Leaned toward the HP Mini 110. (Though I'm not sure if it's available here already.)

2./ Was addicted to orange juice until I discovered Tipco's 100% veggie juice comprised of carrot, orange, tomato, celery, passion fruit and pineapple. I thought it'd taste icky (and I was prepared for it), but it actually tastes better than some OJ brands.

Note the Sto Nino in front of the computer screen. My mother placed it there, lol.

3./ Finally profoundly understood the significance of Barack Obama's election. I'm currently reading his first autobiography, Dreams from My Father, and almost got teary-eyed on his account of when he first realized the issue that is his color: a newspaper article on a black man who tried to peel off his skin in hopes of becoming white.

4./ Somehow connected the prejudices against race and skin color to prejudices against gays. Narrowminded people will never see this connection.

5./ I'm reminded of our high school principal/priest who delivered that flat and worn-out joke that "God created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve" as if to say Steve is not a child of God. Of course, Pat Robertson would agree. I snicker at men who speak for my God.

6./ Saw this ad for a Facebook group: Jesus, Not Yoga. Its description is presented in a biblical passage:

JESUS SAID "No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon." (Matthew 6:24).

Apparently, saying "Om" at the beginning of a yoga session is tantamount to summoning "330 million Hindu gods."

Hold on, I'm smelling something. Ah, the smell of desperation. And crap.

7./ When there's a staircase 10 feet away, do you still use the elevator to go one floor up or down? Is it anal of me to get so riled by people who do it?

8./ On less toxic topics, I heard shirtless Piolo Pascual's billboard ads are back up. Finally, someone's priorities have been straightened out.

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auee said...

re: facebook group

How did you even find that group? If you were randomly searching you got too much free time :-P

"Jesus Not Shopping" okay ka ba dyan?

Om means something??

Am I bad when I smiled at the "Adam and Steve" quote? Ngayon ko lang narinig/basa yan. Let the prejudice go, I know easier said than done. Pero you will always get that, so better learn to go with the punches or learn to punch back... ay teka ito bang blog mo ang isa sa punching back moment mo?

Ey #7 I do that! Kasi tamad ako hehe Very rare akong sipagin.

Jason said...

it was advertised in the sidebar; of course, with that name, i just had to click! :-P

Re: shopping -- I'm sure may group na ganyan. Sort of "Jesus, Not Christmas" which come to think of it, magandang idea.

Naiinis lang kasi ko na laging religion ang excuse when they discriminate, hate, etc. Parang ako na nahihiya kay Jesus for them.

Deepa said...

Re: Jesus Not Yoga - Anobeh! Only if you BELIEVE you're summoning 330 million gods.

If saying OM is tantamount to summoning the Hindu gods, then celebrating Christmas is glorifying pagan gods. The date on which we celebrate Christmas is actually taken over from a pagan winter feast.


An interesting fact told to me by my Hindu friends - to them, everyone is born Hindu. You just choose a god later in life. And Jesus is just one of the 330 million gods. So ok lang sa kanila if you worship Jesus, you're still Hindu anyway.

Jason said...

LOL! I love their argument re: everyone's Hindu.

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