Monday, June 22, 2009

Shining, shimmering, splendid shoes

Kixology posted photos of the collaboration between Gola and Christian Lacroix available at HideOut, Greenbelt. I immediately liked the following:


Went to the store yesterday, but alas, I didn't like the gradient coloring of the first one, the one that I truly like, which is actually black at the back. I thought it was only white/silver/beige as it looked in the photo. I'm still considering the brown one, but I'm afraid the Sto. Nino would call and would want his shoes back, lol. But seriously I like it!

In any case, I did stumble on a shiny pair of sneakers at Zara. (Yes, I tripped and my wallet fell out of my pocket onto the cash register and lo, it rang up my purchase!)

It's not suede; the material feels like satin. I hesitated buying this because I felt it would be hard to maintain especially if it gets wet. So what did I do to make sure I won't have problems cleaning it? I asked Mon to wet it with his saliva just to see how it would react to fluid, lol.

Mon: Ano, lawayan ko na ba?

Me: Yes, discreetly.

An SA was just oh, two feet away and I'm sure she heard us. Hahaha.

Anyway, I did buy stumble on it so you won't have to worry about some guy's saliva on your shoe :-P The best thing was the price: it was slashed by about 50 percent.

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