Friday, June 19, 2009

One point for or against Chiz?

OK, so I'm breaking my promise re: posting entries on Chiz, but Newsbreak had this interesting tidbit on the guy.

(By the way, I recently discovered and now majorly love its section, Inside Track. It's like Gossip Girl for politics.)

In an entry titled, Is the NPC really with Chiz? the column hints that the political party may not be 100 percent behind one of the polls' consistent front-runners:

"... the NPC is having second thoughts about him. We hear that Ramon Ang, Danding Cojuangco's alter ego in San Miguel Corporation, has been telling friends that they're quite unhappy with Chiz because he announced to reporters that he was going to call for an investigation of the sale of GSIS shares in Meralco to San Miguel. Apparently, Chiz was advised to distance himself from Cojuangco and show that he's his own man. (Cojuangco is known to be a major contributor to Chiz's senatorial campaign in 2007; the other key donor is Lucio Tan.)"

"Ah," I thought. "This is impressive of Chiz! Going against one's donor speaks highly of one's integrity and principle."

But then the entry continues:

"But he may not have pushed through with his plan. We've not heard of any such Senate investigation."


So it is a point for or against the guy?

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auee said...

Is the list of donors of each candidate public?

That's why I hesitate with Chiz, he is old politics kahit bata pa. Tan & Cojuangco backers ha.

How about si Mar? Lopez?

Jason said...

It SHOULD be public but I'm not sure where to look and if it is in fact available.

Sana i-feature ng Newsbreak yung sa iba pa. By the way, have you seen the one about its feature on some aspirants' assets and liabilities? Interesting yung kay Legarda :-)

auee said...

I checked out Newsbreak & bookmarked it.

I did read the Assets article. Di gaanong nakakapagtaka kay Legarda dahil ang asawa nya tied to old politics Marcos era pa. I'm of course implying (without proof) na tainted ang credibility ni Legarda due to her and her husband's connections.

Ang gulat ako kay Lacson, eversince talagang kulang na lang ipangalandakan nya sa lahat yung mga documents nya. He wants to show he's got nothing to hide, que sa pera or sa military career nya. But he's the one everyone in the media considers very shadowy... Siempre di ko na kina-count si Erap. hehe

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