Thursday, June 18, 2009

The K factor

Wow, ang ganda ng makeup ni Korina Sanchez dito. (I'd credit the photographer but there's no photo credit in the Inquirer story from which this was taken.)

I also like the strand of pearls but no pearl earrings look. Classy and understated. Very First Lady, lol.

I seriously hope Mar Roxas's PR/marketing team gets to execute how his personal life is unfolding properly. True, he may be doing this for romance, for himself and Korina, but we have to admit it -- it will color his political ambitions AND direction no matter what. After all, no bachelor has ever won president, or even seriously contented for the post.

I like Roxas. His only fault so far is his theatrics: I slap my forehead thinking about his pedicab, Wowowee and bawang gimmickery. Icky but forgiveable.

As is his hair in the photo.

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d3nd3n said...

he's turning into mr showbiz. i recently caught a glimpse of korina on snn (or the buzz) where she was vacuuming to prepare for mar's pamamanhikan! OTT.

amor said...

Both are, intentionally, making a circus on their own engagement. Soooooo 'free publicity'.

Jason said...

Hmmm... do you think these stints make him undeserving of our vote? Or is all fair in love and politics?

auee said...

In an ideal world to really be "stinkless" he shouldn't use his obviously gimmicky relationship with Korina to win votes.

His capability, credibility, honesty and integrity should carry him...

But Pinas is not an ideal world. As long as the person is morally and professionally capable of the role, then he's a credible candidate... and the person will need all the media exposure he can get.

Mababaw pero what can he do? Sa Pinas kung sino sikat sya bida.

Jason said...

A+ ka dyan! The closest person I can think of is Raul Roco (although meron allegations against his wife then) who pretty much ran a campaign based on those values you mentioned. Kaso hindi pumatok sa voters and I don't he emerged as a poll favorite.

Importante din ang funding. In the US primaries, Obama outmatched Clinton in donations and campaign funds and hurt her chances. Mahirap mag donate sa taong feeling mo eh di papatok sa masa and this is probably the reason why politicians take advantage of every media mileage they can milk out of any given situation (or in Roxas's case, one's engagement.)

I guess this adds to our equation: can we trust Filipinos to elect its leader?

auee said...

Sasabihin nang iba we have to educate the masses. But the masses are not dumb & they do not need haughty "educated" people to tell them what to do.

Ang kailangan is for all these "educated", & presumably moneyed-enough, people to band together behind a morally-fit & fit-to-govern person, put their money where their mouths are and campaign the heck for this person.

That's the only way this credible candidate will be seen and heard by every voter in every barrio.

Otherwise kahit yung sinasabi ni de Quiros na pari (cant remember the name) walang magiging chance outside Luzon.

Jason said...

lets hope for a good set of choices in 2010. yung hindi lesser of two evils.

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