Friday, June 05, 2009

2nd ANC forum

Thoughts on the 2nd ANC Leadership forum with guests Loren Legarda, Jejomar Binay, Joseph Estrada and Bayani Fernando. (Unfortunately, I didn't see the first one.)

Estrada -- comic relief and that's that. And anyway, even if he runs and wins the presidency, it will be deemed unconstitutional. In any case, he sounds smarter than when he won in 1998. (It was also smart for Binay to say that he won't hesitate being Estrada's Vice President. For if Erap wins, then Binay, if elected Vice, would then assume the presidency. Ergo, Comelec should decide if Erap can run once he files his candidacy.)

Legarda -- she knows her stuff, although she has the tendency to make general statements and run on vaguely (e.g., her answer on her "cultural renaissance" program). While I don't like Loren (I voted for Noli over her), I won't exactly have a problem with her winning. I'd pick her over Escudero.

I'd like to bring up how questions toward female politicians and women in power tend to be sexist. For example, Legarda was asked how does she balance her work and personal life and if she finds enough time to spend with her children. The fathers in the group, particularly one with children out of marriage, were never asked these.

Binay -- was surprisingly charming and knows his stuff too... until asked about how he amassed his wealth (estimated P48 million net worth) amidst corruption cases filed against him. His answer (which he had a hard time coming up with by making a long intro on his childhood history): from his piggery business and miserly ways. Also appeared to be very defensive and guilty, shifting uncomfortably in his seat, compared to...

Fernando -- ... who is accused of corruption as well, but appeared miffed and angry at the idea. Also, denies any case having been actually filed against him. However, he does not support the Reproductive Health bill, citing his religion.

The forum is running on ANC now but it will be replayed on ABS-CBN this Sunday.

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