Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Yep, I'm alive.

It's been six months since I started going to the gym, and so far I've been relatively happy with my progress. I became health conscious when I realized that I'd be out of breath climbing one-two flights of stairs -- I didn't want to grow old and so incapacitated.

During my first month at the gym, I could barely lift the bar/rod. Now I can bench press 100lbs, which is no biggie for fitness regulars, but it is to me. I'm also able to lift 215lbs off the ground (deadlift) although I feel like I'm about to pass out every time I do so. My pendlay rows are at a staggering (LOL) 160lbs. I can also lift 90lbs over my head (military press) -- to the distraction of those around me because I couldn't help making these moaning sounds due to the effort I have to exert, lol.

Do I enjoy going to the gym? To be honest, no. I dread every gym day. I have to talk myself into it EVERY TIME! I force myself, I motivate myself. The improvements in my performance help a bit but not enough to make me look forward to those days. Also, those endorphins really help -- I find myself really perky after every workout.

I'm at a stage wherein I'm not watching my food intake yet because I need more bulking up. (Although I've almost eliminated sodas, sweetened iced teas and french fries from my diet, except for the occasional once a week lapses.) It is my dream that someday I will be able to give up fried chicken skin -- but KFC and its gravy is making it so darn hard.

This entry is an attempt for me to see if I can still blog. Twitter is the culprit -- it's way easier to cram everything into 140 characters.

And no, I won't post shirtless pics unless I'm at the beach :-P (Exception: perhaps when I'm already sporting a basket of pandesal then I'd walk around shirtless in Greenbelt, lol.)

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pepe M. said...

very toned jay! i can see from the jawline and the shoulder...awesome!

Jason said...

thanks pepe but still far from dats, lol

auee said...

Naman Jay, maraming babaeng iiyak nyan!

heldensoubrette said...

j, go to the gym for health. the "side effect" is having a nice body and being cruised all the time.

i had to be careful not to lift so much and lose so much weight because it will affect the voice :( alas, tight abs also mean a tight voice- not good if you're a singer.

do tell us about your diet!

Jason said...

auee -- kasi walang shirtless pic? lol

carlo -- in my case kasi i need to gain weight -- but i want it to be a good gain (muscle, etc.) and not fat and cholesterol. that's why i'm trying to steer clear of sugar and oily/greasy food. and of course, sodas are really just junk food and i'd like to eliminate that from my diet as well.

heldensoubrette said...

i'm also trying to gain muscle weight and bone density.

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