Friday, May 15, 2009

State measure

It's official: there is nothing wrong with the US President. The Washingtonian Magazine featured a shirtless Obama in its cover:

He has better abs than me!

In the Philippines, among those who have expressed their intentions, it seems only Francis Escudero and Mar Roxas can come close, at least in physical terms. (Though I have serious misgivings with Mar's TV ad -- how hard is it to pedal a pedicab with two rawboned kids in tow? Note the effort he had to exert.)

I think this country also needs to elect fit officials. (Don't get me started on the policemen; their beer bellies are hopeless.) Fitness means discipline and in most cases, hard work. Besides, I don't mean someone who's thin -- just really fit. Someone who can do long hours of work, climb long flights of stairs, beat the hell out of somebody.

Ferdinand Marcos could do all three but his presidency is open for debate. (The same way "beat somebody" is open for interpretation.)

Cory Aquino did 1 and probably 2, but is too demure to do 3.

Fidel Ramos kicks ass.

Erap got his ass kicked.

Gloria Arroyo is notoriously known for 1 and 3 (aka tongue-lashing); but a President who needs a booster seat just isn't stately enough for me :-P

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