Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Retrograde works in my favor

This happened about two months ago.

I've been coveting this polka dot shirt from Topman because I thought it was quirky and looked like it was from the Comme des Garcons line for H&M. Plus, I don't have this color in my closet. I thought the P2,000 price is too much for such a casual shirt, until one day, I finally decided to just close my eyes and take it to the cashier. (On my way, I also happened to stumble on a P100 shirt*. My undershirts are more expensive so I grabbed it as well.)

The cashier scanned the items -- first, the P100 shirt, for which she registered surprise (heck, same here! Lol) and then my coveted shirt. This time, she really was shocked -- in fact the entire staff were; the tag showed P2,000 but the scanner read it as P900. The store manager had to check it out himself and realized the store's mistake: they inadvertently marked it as a sale item, when in fact, there was no sale. Immediately, he instructed one of the SAs to pull down ALL the polka dot shirts, including those in the window display and those worn by the mannequins.

"Sir, since this was marked as a sale item, you can't return or have it exchanged," the cashier explained.

(Why will I return them? Am I crazy? Lol.) "Sure," I calmly told them, though deep inside, I couldn't wait for them to finalize my transaction and get the hell out; I feared that they might take it back or charge me for the original price.)

Needless to say, I managed to get out of the store with the crew unscathed, lol. And I didn't have to buy an overpriced item :-)

*what's happening Topman? Not that I'm complaining :-P

4 * :

auee said...

yey jump for joy!
Your shopping fairy godmother worked her magic :-)

Jason said...

does 2k for a shirt sound reasonable over there in london?

auee said...

2k php is roughly 26gbp
Kung topman at polo-type ang binibili mo for sure 30gbp onwards ang prices. Kung tees I'm not too sure, 26gbp for me right now will be over the top. hehe

Jason said...

wow, ang mahal!

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