Saturday, May 30, 2009

Drag me to hell

If there's any movie I'm looking forward to, it is this: Drag Me to Hell, lol. Never mind the cheesy title; reviews have been absolutely positive, with the New York Times branding it as an NYT pick!

Watch, watch, watch!

Isn't that such an engaging premise? A recessionista flick, if there's ever one, hehe.

Showing in Manila theaters on June 3.

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drei said...

haha ito rin sobrang inaabangan ko! i love horror movies! now we can forget raimi's lousy spiderman 3 and remember him for evil dead hehe :)

Jason said...

re: spiderman -- basta mahaba screen time ni james franco, masaya na ko, haha.

sayang, may advance screening sya mamaya but i can't go.

Redjeulle said...

watch it with the Alkies! I miss you!

Jason said...

Tara! We're planning to watch it this Sat :-)

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