Thursday, May 28, 2009


What's wrong with this statement? On the merger of political parties Lakas-CMD and Kampi:

The new party would be a "new face in Philippine politics" that (House Speaker) Nograles said aims to create for "a new and higher standard of political leadership, a political marriage of vision to raise level of political activity towards producing the next President of the Republic.

Answer: it's self-serving.

I'm absolutely disgusted by these Filipino politicians. This is the third strike for the day -- not that they've been performing their duties for the people (as opposed to "producing the next President of the Republic") prior.

The first one was Jessica Zafra's post on the Bus Rapid Transit system. I've been following her accounts on this plan, which was introduced by Enrique PeƱalosa, former mayor of Bogota, in a conference organized by Ayala. The plan, which was implemented in Colombia, reduces traffic by having buses behave like trains, with stations and corresponding boarding points and stops.

Turns out that we didn't need the advice; in 1990, a private consortium proposed the idea to the government and was consequently shot down.

"Sad to say but the Philtrak People Mover System or the Philtrak Mass transport system proposed by our consortium - Philtrak PMS Inc., for EDSA in 1990 and later on for the unfinished C5 corridor in 1997 would have beaten the Bogota, the Jakarta, other BRT systems now in place and even the original Curitiba busway in Brazil.

"Although the consortium was given an “ORDER” by the LTFRB in 1997 during the time of Chairman Dante Lantin and under DOTC Secretary Josefina Lichauco which was towards the end of the term of President Fidel V. Ramos, the Asian financial crisis caught up with its implementation. The Estrada administration didn’t really put it on top priority. Similarly, it was again presented to the Secretary of Finance during the early years of the Arroyo administration but since it was not a big ticket project, it was not considered as flagship project."

You can read the rest in Jessica's blog.

And then here's the second strike: Katrina Halili arrives at Senate for sex scandal probe.

Uh, why is there a senate probe on this? I am not working and paying my dues as a citizen of this third-world country so that the senators can gossip with Katrina, Hayden and Vicky. Besides, Sen. Santiago filed the Anti-Video Voyeurism Act in July 2007, or two years ago. According to the Senate website, "The legislative measure is still waiting to be calendared in the Senate plenary session." Yes, go sit on that bill while you go about serving your own interests.

The Senate has done a lot of "probing": the Hello Garci scandal, the ZTE scandal, the fertilizer scam scandal, and now, the I-couldn't-care-less Hayden Kho scandal, and so far has resolved NOTHING. Not a single fucking case.

Mga putangina kayo.

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d3nd3n said...

ay AMEN sa last line!!!

sobrang aksaya sa pera ng bayan yang ginagawang probe na yan. kainis! baka mamaya ibang probe naman ang mangyari diyan.

di nman ako masyadong affected no? LOL.

Jason said...

ayan, na-high blood nanaman ako, lol.

nakakapikon sila to the point na nakakaiyak na talaga, especially when you think about what this country actually needs to move forward. said...


auee said...

deep breaths, deep breaths... kaya nga ba as much as possible ayaw ko na sanang nagbabasa nang news...

sa dami nang senate hearings na nangyari wala namang kinalabasan... and my goodness, why the heck are they talking about this Kho??

Jason said...

pa-pogi nila for the upcoming election. sayang talaga sa taxpayers' money. and poor are the folks who have been awaiting senate action on say, the CARP bill, which farmers have been lobbying for.

and if i were either hayden or katrina, i wouldn't even have bothered showing up! the senate has nothing to do with it. the parties concerned should just sort it out by themselves instead of washing their dirty laundry in public.

Jay said...

putangina nila indeed.

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