Saturday, May 30, 2009

Drag me to hell

If there's any movie I'm looking forward to, it is this: Drag Me to Hell, lol. Never mind the cheesy title; reviews have been absolutely positive, with the New York Times branding it as an NYT pick!

Watch, watch, watch!

Isn't that such an engaging premise? A recessionista flick, if there's ever one, hehe.

Showing in Manila theaters on June 3.

Friday, May 29, 2009

All talk

In her Multiply account, Monica posts snippets of a few presidential aspirants' answers to relatively easy questions from an ANC forum. (I wish it gets tougher in the next rounds; it is a leadership forum after all, not Facebook.)

You can view her full entry here, but I'd like to point out my problem with Francis Escudero: he is all rhetoric. You ask him a question and he gives an empty answer -- pandering to the masses -- in his robotic, uncomfortably screechy voice. He always criticizes but I've yet to hear of the actions that he has taken. Also, I did have a problem with his TV ad last year.

Francis Joseph “Chiz” Guevara Escudero
Vision of Governance: The next leader should be an effective change agent. He or she must follow and enforce the law. Can he or she also inspire us?

On President Arroyo’s positive contribution to the country. “Dahil sa ilang pag-aabuso sa batas, dahil sa ilang paglabag sa batas, dahil sa ipinagkait sa marami sa ating mga kababayan at hirap na dinaranas ng ating mga kababayan... minulat at ginising niya at marahil sa ilang parte ginalit niya ang maraming Pilipino para seryosohin ang kanilang pagpili ng susunod na pinuno natin.”

On the last movie he has seen.
“You watch a movie not to feel depressed, you watch a movie to be inspired and to be encouraged. Kung kaya, ang huli kong pelikulang pinanood ay ‘Kasal, Kasali at Kasalo’ nina Juday at Ryan.”

On the 2010 national elections."Inaangkin na namin ang halalan na ito. Inaangkin na namin ang pamahalaang ito. Di na naming hahayaang maging sunod-sunuran na lang kami dahil ang aming paniniwala sa ngayon, ang kabataan hindi lamang pag-asa ng bayan, ang kabataan dapat maasahan na ng bayan.”

Whatevs. Compare with Richard Gordon's answers:

Richard “Dick” Juico Gordon
Vision of Governance: What this country needs is not a change of men but a change in men.

On President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. “Masinop mag-aral, may work ethic. Ang sabit niya ay sa governance…You have to be resolute in so far as your leadership is concerned. That I think is something na nagkulang siya.”

On how he will make a difference as a president. “Baguhin ang attitude. Aim high. Mag-ambisyon tayo. Bawal ang tamad—work ethic. Lalong bawal ang tanga—mag-aral tayo. Duty muna bago ang sarili. Dignidad at determinasyon—ginawa namin sa Subic iyon.”

On why he admires his father former mayor James L. Gordon. “He was a man born an American, but elected to be a Filipino… Pardon me if I’m getting emotional because sa tingin ko maraming hero sa mundo but you have to live your heroism not during your death but during your whole life. Sapagkat iyon ang nakita ko (sa kaniya).”

For the purpose of disclosure, I did vote for Escudero in the Senate.

Thursday, May 28, 2009


What's wrong with this statement? On the merger of political parties Lakas-CMD and Kampi:

The new party would be a "new face in Philippine politics" that (House Speaker) Nograles said aims to create for "a new and higher standard of political leadership, a political marriage of vision to raise level of political activity towards producing the next President of the Republic.

Answer: it's self-serving.

I'm absolutely disgusted by these Filipino politicians. This is the third strike for the day -- not that they've been performing their duties for the people (as opposed to "producing the next President of the Republic") prior.

The first one was Jessica Zafra's post on the Bus Rapid Transit system. I've been following her accounts on this plan, which was introduced by Enrique Peรฑalosa, former mayor of Bogota, in a conference organized by Ayala. The plan, which was implemented in Colombia, reduces traffic by having buses behave like trains, with stations and corresponding boarding points and stops.

Turns out that we didn't need the advice; in 1990, a private consortium proposed the idea to the government and was consequently shot down.

"Sad to say but the Philtrak People Mover System or the Philtrak Mass transport system proposed by our consortium - Philtrak PMS Inc., for EDSA in 1990 and later on for the unfinished C5 corridor in 1997 would have beaten the Bogota, the Jakarta, other BRT systems now in place and even the original Curitiba busway in Brazil.

"Although the consortium was given an “ORDER” by the LTFRB in 1997 during the time of Chairman Dante Lantin and under DOTC Secretary Josefina Lichauco which was towards the end of the term of President Fidel V. Ramos, the Asian financial crisis caught up with its implementation. The Estrada administration didn’t really put it on top priority. Similarly, it was again presented to the Secretary of Finance during the early years of the Arroyo administration but since it was not a big ticket project, it was not considered as flagship project."

You can read the rest in Jessica's blog.

And then here's the second strike: Katrina Halili arrives at Senate for sex scandal probe.

Uh, why is there a senate probe on this? I am not working and paying my dues as a citizen of this third-world country so that the senators can gossip with Katrina, Hayden and Vicky. Besides, Sen. Santiago filed the Anti-Video Voyeurism Act in July 2007, or two years ago. According to the Senate website, "The legislative measure is still waiting to be calendared in the Senate plenary session." Yes, go sit on that bill while you go about serving your own interests.

The Senate has done a lot of "probing": the Hello Garci scandal, the ZTE scandal, the fertilizer scam scandal, and now, the I-couldn't-care-less Hayden Kho scandal, and so far has resolved NOTHING. Not a single fucking case.

Mga putangina kayo.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Retrograde works in my favor

This happened about two months ago.

I've been coveting this polka dot shirt from Topman because I thought it was quirky and looked like it was from the Comme des Garcons line for H&M. Plus, I don't have this color in my closet. I thought the P2,000 price is too much for such a casual shirt, until one day, I finally decided to just close my eyes and take it to the cashier. (On my way, I also happened to stumble on a P100 shirt*. My undershirts are more expensive so I grabbed it as well.)

The cashier scanned the items -- first, the P100 shirt, for which she registered surprise (heck, same here! Lol) and then my coveted shirt. This time, she really was shocked -- in fact the entire staff were; the tag showed P2,000 but the scanner read it as P900. The store manager had to check it out himself and realized the store's mistake: they inadvertently marked it as a sale item, when in fact, there was no sale. Immediately, he instructed one of the SAs to pull down ALL the polka dot shirts, including those in the window display and those worn by the mannequins.

"Sir, since this was marked as a sale item, you can't return or have it exchanged," the cashier explained.

(Why will I return them? Am I crazy? Lol.) "Sure," I calmly told them, though deep inside, I couldn't wait for them to finalize my transaction and get the hell out; I feared that they might take it back or charge me for the original price.)

Needless to say, I managed to get out of the store with the crew unscathed, lol. And I didn't have to buy an overpriced item :-)

*what's happening Topman? Not that I'm complaining :-P

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Yep, I'm alive.

It's been six months since I started going to the gym, and so far I've been relatively happy with my progress. I became health conscious when I realized that I'd be out of breath climbing one-two flights of stairs -- I didn't want to grow old and so incapacitated.

During my first month at the gym, I could barely lift the bar/rod. Now I can bench press 100lbs, which is no biggie for fitness regulars, but it is to me. I'm also able to lift 215lbs off the ground (deadlift) although I feel like I'm about to pass out every time I do so. My pendlay rows are at a staggering (LOL) 160lbs. I can also lift 90lbs over my head (military press) -- to the distraction of those around me because I couldn't help making these moaning sounds due to the effort I have to exert, lol.

Do I enjoy going to the gym? To be honest, no. I dread every gym day. I have to talk myself into it EVERY TIME! I force myself, I motivate myself. The improvements in my performance help a bit but not enough to make me look forward to those days. Also, those endorphins really help -- I find myself really perky after every workout.

I'm at a stage wherein I'm not watching my food intake yet because I need more bulking up. (Although I've almost eliminated sodas, sweetened iced teas and french fries from my diet, except for the occasional once a week lapses.) It is my dream that someday I will be able to give up fried chicken skin -- but KFC and its gravy is making it so darn hard.

This entry is an attempt for me to see if I can still blog. Twitter is the culprit -- it's way easier to cram everything into 140 characters.

And no, I won't post shirtless pics unless I'm at the beach :-P (Exception: perhaps when I'm already sporting a basket of pandesal then I'd walk around shirtless in Greenbelt, lol.)

Friday, May 22, 2009

V the TV series

I don't remember anything about its story at all as I was only 5 when this was shown on TV, but I remember this to be one of the earliest (if not the first) TV series that I truly enjoyed watching.


There were alien lizards and gorgeous women and backstabbing and murders -- not quite 5-year old stuff but somehow, it wasn't censored in the household.

This remake will premiere in the US later this fall, yey!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Khoan thought for the day

From a previous interview of Hayden Kho Jr. by Ricky Lo:

What’s the most beautiful dream that you ever had?

“The whole world was flooded and I was onboard this huge ark that was flying.”

What’s the Freudian explanation to that?

“Well, maybe that I’m bound for something spectacular and the world will recognize me for it. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!”

, the laughing out loud turned out to be ominous.

Friday, May 15, 2009

State measure

It's official: there is nothing wrong with the US President. The Washingtonian Magazine featured a shirtless Obama in its cover:

He has better abs than me!

In the Philippines, among those who have expressed their intentions, it seems only Francis Escudero and Mar Roxas can come close, at least in physical terms. (Though I have serious misgivings with Mar's TV ad -- how hard is it to pedal a pedicab with two rawboned kids in tow? Note the effort he had to exert.)

I think this country also needs to elect fit officials. (Don't get me started on the policemen; their beer bellies are hopeless.) Fitness means discipline and in most cases, hard work. Besides, I don't mean someone who's thin -- just really fit. Someone who can do long hours of work, climb long flights of stairs, beat the hell out of somebody.

Ferdinand Marcos could do all three but his presidency is open for debate. (The same way "beat somebody" is open for interpretation.)

Cory Aquino did 1 and probably 2, but is too demure to do 3.

Fidel Ramos kicks ass.

Erap got his ass kicked.

Gloria Arroyo is notoriously known for 1 and 3 (aka tongue-lashing); but a President who needs a booster seat just isn't stately enough for me :-P

Thursday, May 14, 2009

And so it begins

Japan has elected its representative for Miss Universe 2009. For the preliminary interview competition, she will be wearing this Versace dress:

For her official evening gown portrait, it will be Versace as well.

That's just for her photo op -- can you imagine what she'd wear for the actual judging night?

By the way, this is Miss Japan, Emiri Miyasaka. Seriously.

Credit: Ines Ligron

The Miss Universe will be held in the Bahamas this August.

See Miss Japan's dizzying array of designer clothes last year.

Via Ines Ligron's blog

Sunday, May 03, 2009

30 things you didn't know about Manny (link updated)

Since it's Pacquiao Day for Filipinos worldwide, here's a list of trivia on Manny Pacquiao collected by Gareth Davis of the Telegraph:

His fourth child – a daughter named Queen Elizabeth (or 'Queenie') – has dual nationality as she was born in the US. The infant also has 48 godparents.

There have been kidnap threats on his children

It is written into Philippine law that the army will go to Pacquiao's aid if his family is in danger.

He has a Jack Russell terrier - with whom he shares the nickname 'Pacman'. The dog comes with him on training runs. When he was younger, his pet dog was cooked and eaten by a friend of his father’s.


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