Wednesday, April 22, 2009

To bee or not to bee

As I was savagely eating my lunch consisting of a cheeseburger and 1-piece burger steak from Jollibee at 5pm, I realized that I ought to be more environment-conscious in my choices. I stared at the burger steak's food packaging, which was styrofoam, and thought, "maybe I should stop buying this."

So I thought of McDonald's, but then I realized, that like Jollibee, it also uses styrofoam and plastic cups.

My proverbial light bulb gleamed in magnificence (yes, it does that; sometimes, it's not a light bulb, but a shower of glitters) when I realized that KFC, as far as I know, uses paper packaging for takeout.

Unfortunately, I will soon resolve not to eat fried chicken, after having given up soda and iced tea that isn't brewed tea, and therefore, I may not be able to eventually order anything from KFC after all.

Also, I asked myself, which is more environment-friendly: styrofoam or the production of paper. There are issues concerning paper production, e.g., Do they cut down trees? Do they use organic hemp?

Or I can bring my own food container, order dine-in, then dump them in the container? Also, if I'm being this morally conscious, should I turn vegan?

When does it all stop? At asceticism?

It is extremely challenging to be politically correct.

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