Monday, March 30, 2009

Of kettles and teapots

It's interesting to see how Pinoys react to bigoted staments and/or racial slurs made in mass media, e.g., TV, newspapers and radio. (There's one happening right now.)

When you call out someone for his questionable character, I think that it's just appropriate that you judge yourself according to a high standard of ethos as well; otherwise, your response would only make you... a kettle.

So no, you don't call Chip Tsao a "fag@#%" because his hips look funny in the picture; and no, you don't diss the Chinese altogether, and worse, involve the Indonesians in the mess; and yes, maybe I shouldn't be pointing these out myself because I've had my own share of name-calling during my younger and more immature years. (I don't regret writing this though. :-P)

It's just one guy's opinion, and seriously clouded at that.

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Auee said...

Was going to comment on sassy's post pero nagbago isip ko... Parang naging non-sense tuloy yung "discussion" with all the name calling.

Pero in all honesty, alibadbad talaga yang intsik na yan. Can't believe he worked for the BBC.

Anyhu, I will be in Pinas by Wednesday -- woohoo. May kontak pa ba kayo ni rosa-mistika? Pag may time set tayo for coffee or something. If not papaabot ko na lang sa kanya yung little something(s) ko ha?

Jason said...

Mag-meet naman tayo!!! I'll ask for your number from her and request her to give mine to you ΓΌ

Natawa ko sa alibadbad, lol. Oo nga, I can't believe he go hired by BBC.

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