Monday, March 02, 2009

Not cheesy at all

In this case, it is not good for it not to be cheesy.

Despite the absence of advertising (or perhaps, I haven't been watching enough TV or reading enough newspapers), KFC's Cheezy BBQ Meltz has been selling like crazy, or to use American Idol's Kara parlance, ridiculous.

I've been eating KFC for the last three days, and in all three instances, customers would agree to wait for 10 minutes just to have the Meltz. On my third day, I decided to do just that, although instead of 10 minutes, I and Mon had to wait for 20 minutes because the Hot and Crispy variety of its chicken wasn't ready.

(Digression: One of my major... beef, sorry for the pun, with KFC is that they like making customers wait for chicken -- whether it's Hot and Crispy, or Original, or a thigh or breast part. They'd always just have say, the wings or the legs, which are a tad tinier compared to the other chicken parts. Moving on...)

So we waited. We must have been in our 30th minute of waiting when we started following up our order like crazy. In the 40th, the pleasant and apologetic manager came to our table and explained the kitchen's dilemma -- something about the oven only being on low-heat -- and frankly, I didn't bother listening to the excuses long enough because all I wanted was to eat!!!

Eventually, after about 5 more minutes of negotiation, mainly to replace what we wanted -- breast and thigh parts in Orginal and Hot and Crispy (aside from the fact that earlier, KFC didn't have Pepsi so we settled with Mirinda) -- we got two Original ribs and Meltz. (Whenever I spell out Meltz with a "z" I feel like I'm losing a few of my IQ points).

Here's a poster of Meltz:

All that cheese and beef do seem enough to whet one's appetite.

So I took my first bite imagining the thrill of having to wait for almost an hour and finally tasting heaven...

... then I felt like I was chewing cardboard paper.

I pried my Meltz open and didn't have to wonder. I took a shot with my cellphone:

It only had two pieces of taco chips, a pinch of meat and tomatoes, and oh, MAYBE A DROP OF F***ING CHEESE!!!!! I mean seriously, can you even spot the cheese there? It's like meeting someone online who sends you a photo looking like Orlando Bloom, but when you meet in person, he's f**king Gollum.

I was extremely disappointed and would've not eaten more if only I wasn't so hungry from waiting.

KFC's Cheezy BBQ Meltz retails for P85. Unless your KFC branch serves good quality Meltz (mine was at the Liberty Center in Shaw), you'll be better off having the real deal in other restaurants.

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pepe M. said...

thats horrible indeed!
para syang street food :(

"It's like meeting someone online who sends you a photo looking like Orlando Bloom, but when you meet in person, he's f**king Gollum"...this is classic jay!!! hahahaha!

Auee said...

Yay, nakuuu I'd be ranting and raving there & then if I were in your shoes. Gutom ka na parang na-holdap ka pa.

I don't think they have that here. Actually I don't eat there that often but the first time, I didn't know I have to pay for the gravy, now yun ang harang talaga.

Jason said...

pepe -- mas masarap pa nga fishball eh, hehe

auee -- OA naman!!! isn't gravy very basic? dito naman, free refill ng gravy. KFC's is the best, kaya pati kanin, sinasabawan ng gravy, lol

jaemark said...

hey jason, natawa lang ako sa statement mo na maraming advertising, kasi when watching basketball (nba and pba) or wrestling, you're bombarded with commercials for this product. haha, i guess you weren't the target market so di mo nakita yung ads?

anyway, i ended up trying it once, and my biggest problem was the price. 85 bucks? sobrang harang.

anne said...

i think kfc is trying to make its own version of taco bell's crunchwrap supreme...and failing miserably.

Jason said...

jaemark! haha, no wonder di ko nakikita ang ads! wala na nga sa cable channel lineup ko ang mga sports channels eh, lol.

anne -- major fail talaga! but i still love kfc's chicken & gravy so i'm just boycotting meltz in particular :-)

Razielle said...

thank you for blogging about this! naalala ko tuloy na dapat gawan ko siya ng review.

I kept seeing ads of this product for weeks so when we had merienda at KFC last Sunday I decided to try it.

Napaka-walang kwenta ng Cheezy Bbq Melts! I'm a fatso and very easy to please when it comes to food. But the meltz was just so bad :(

Jason said...

lol, natawa ko sa comment mo.

ako my main issue is that it looks sooo nothing like the poster.

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