Tuesday, March 03, 2009


When we were in high school, my barkada and I thought we were all that. Boys would be after us to no end. (Seriously. They make all sorts of advances and we'd have to slap them just to make them stop. Ang arte no? Lol.)

Then we entered college. In college, we saw photos of ourselves in high school and we could barely keep a straight face as we looked totally ridiculous in them. "And we thought we were all that?" we asked ourselves.

So we proceeded with college and we thought, "Never mind, we're so much better-looking now than when we were in high school."

Then we left college. As yuppies, we saw photos of ourselves in college and I, in particular, could barely swallow the fact that I, in fact, looked ugly.

So as a professional, I allotted a chunk of my salary in improving my style and total look.

And then there's now. A few minutes ago, I saw my photos from what, just 2-3 years ago, and my gulay, I thought I already looked pretty decent then, but judging from these pics, I judged wrongly.

Right now, I'm already feeling pretty good about how I look but gee, I wonder if I'd find my current look atrocious, say 4-5 years down the road?

Ricky Reyes, I need help, lol.

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heldensoubrette said...

you're not fishing for compliments, are you?

seriously, we all just have to have a healthy lifestyle and a sound mind. lots of fruits, green leafy veggies, exercise, green tea and dark chocolate ;) learning how to have the right cut and the right clothes also help.

and p.s. you do look good.

Jason said...

ay no! i seriously thought i was horrifyingly thin then. but thanks! :-)

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