Monday, March 16, 2009

Chuk Chak China

This particular development over the Spratlys issue from Inquirer elicited a few giggles from me:

Under the dramatic banner headline, "China shows might in South China Sea" is the feeble, government response in bullet point: "No move yet to counter Chinese Navy."

Yet? Counter? Do they mean that at some point, we are willing to place our bangka side-by-side with what is touted as China's "most modern patrol ship"?

Aaah... baka naman isakay nila si Manny Pacquiao dun sa bangka, lol.

In all seriousness, mahiya naman ang China no. It is way up north to even meddle with the Spratlys affair. We can understand the logic behind Vietnam and Malaysia's contentions which are based on geography, but not quite China's, which is based on ancient records that include documentation on "fantastical creatures, such as mermaids."

In other words, based on its Spratlys logic, China also holds claim to discovering mermaids and perhaps, even unicorns, gnomes, the Care Bears and Smurfs :-P

Among its other claims, China also says that "the islands have been an integral part of China for nearly two thousand years and that neighboring countries and European Powers took advantage of China's poor condition and diversity to impinge on its sovereignty."

We can replace some words and come up with: "The islands have been an integral part of the Philippines, Vietnam and Malaysia since the dissolution of Pangaea until a neighboring country, China, took advantage of their poor condition and diversity to impinge on their sovereignty."

End of argument.

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Auee said...

kawawa naman tayo :-(

Jason said...

yeah, i know... pero ganon talaga, we'll have to cope. there will always be bullies in life.

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